Attachment and Immigrants
Attachment and Immigrants
Emotional security among Dutch and Belgian Immigrants in California, U.S.A.
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Contents - 6 Ch. 1: Introduction - 7 Ch. 2: Immigration from an attachment perspective - 22 Ch. 3: Immigrants and attachment status - 36 Ch. 4: Enresolved attachment among immigrants - 58 Ch. 5: Attachment and peronality facets - 70 Ch. 6: Attachment styleland career thoughts dysfunction - 83 Ch. 7: General duiscussion - 101 Ch. 8: Samenvatting (Dutch Summary) - 116 Dankwoord/Acknowledgements - 121

Yolanda van Ecke

Attachment and Immigrants

Emotional security among Dutch and Belgian Immigrants in California, U.S.A.

In Attachment and Immigrants Yolanda van Ecke frames the experience of immigration in the context of the increasingly popular theory of attachment. She outlines for the reader the specific psychological attachment issues that affect immigrants. Immigrants have unresolved attachment more often than nonimmigrants, and are more sensitive to experiences of isolation and separation, whereas nonimmigrants are more vulnerable in the face of illness. She also discusses career and personality aspects as they relate to immigrants with insecure attachment and provides suggestions for career counseling. This book should help professionals such as psychologists, therapist, social workers and educators to gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of immigrants.

Yolanda van Ecke

Yolanda van Ecke doceert psychologie aan het City College in San Francisco en het College of Marin in Californië, Verenigde Staten en is psychotherapeut in San Francisco.