Europe - on Air
Europe - on Air
Interwar Projects for Radio Broadcasting
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Europe – On Air - 2 Acknowledgements - 6 Table of Contents - 10 List of Illustrations - 12 Abbreviations - 14 Chapter 1 Introduction European Broadcasting Visions - 16 Chapter 2 Elites on the Barricades for Broadcasting - 42 Chapter 3 Europe in the Making - 74 Chapter 4 Battles over Europe’s Borders - 138 Chapter 5 War and Peace in the Sky - 180 Chapter 6 Broadcasting a Musical Culture - 236 Chapter 7 Conclusion Internationalism in Practice - 290 Appendix - 297 Bibliography - 304 Summary - 321

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'Europe - On Air is a deeply-researched, richly-detailed, and compellingly-argued reframing of the complex and conflictual negotiations central to creating interwar, transnational European broadcasting. As well, it provides a welcome analysis of developing relationships among networked experts confronting often-challenging political and technical obstacles. It is essential reading for academics, students, and others interested in science, expertise, emergent organizations, communications history, and the history of technology, in and beyond Europe.' -- Philip Scranton, Rutgers University, USA
'Europe — On Air is a superbly written book that will appeal to those interested in broadcasting history as well as to those interested in the history of European unification.With an extensive bibliography drawing from numerous archives as well as interviews, this is a meticulously researched work. The book is extremely well organised and contains an abundance of notes, illustrations and tables, which make for a highly engaging and informative read.' -- Paulina Faraj, Icon Journal
'[Lommers'] book contributes not only to the history of broadcasting but to the larger narrative of European unification.' -- D.L. LeMahieu, Lake Forest Collegea

Suzanne Lommers

Europe - on Air

Interwar Projects for Radio Broadcasting

Radio broadcasting may seem old-fashioned nowadays, but early radio infrastructures and programs in Europe were the real social media of their time. They laid the foundation for how we experience European unification and global interconnectedness today.

This timely volume takes you on a tour through the early days of broadcasting. Rarely studied sources from international organizations reveal a wide variety of new actors, activities, and debates that jointly shaped broadcasting and society institutions. These stories often remain underexposed in histories of technology, broadcasting, and Europe.

Europe – on Air illustrates how people in broadcasting were debating issues ranging from institutionalizing radio to wireless and wired network construction. This book specifically acknowledges how the rivalries were solved between various systems like Radio Luxembourg and the International Broadcasting Union, the attempts to save Europe’s civilization amid the chaos of war and peace, and the creation and distribution of truly international programs as early as 1926. The people involved in these transnational broadcasting efforts had some crucial decisions to make in order to actively contribute to European unification.

Suzanne Lommers

Suzanne Lommers is communication manager and web editor of the Inventing Europe Virtual Exhibit and researcher for the Making Europe Book Project.