Gravity Does Not Exist
Gravity Does Not Exist
A Puzzle for the 21st Century
Charlotte Lemmens
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Contents Foreword 3 The Process of Measurement 4 The Process of Progress 8 Laws Ain't 11 Motion 17 Huygens's Relativity 20 Acceleration 25 Gravity 28 Absoluteness Theory 31 Gravity Does Not Exist 35 Reflections 41 Feynman's Web 47 A Twist to the Tale 52 Question for the 21st Century 59 Small Steps, Ellie 68

Reviews and Features

"Vincent Icke is one of the all-too-rare scientists who is also a brilliant expositor. His book presents fundamental ideas to the general reader with beautiful clarity. But even experts will enjoy his distinctive perspective."
- Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society and also master of Trinity College, and professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics at the University of Cambridge.

"Gravity Does Not Exist is a very attractive and enjoyable presentation of a fascinating problem."
- Nandor Bokor, assoc. prof. Department of Physics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

" Icke takes on Einstein's theory of gravitation and succeeds beyond one's expections."
-Martin Veltman, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics (1999)

"A fascinating view on two essential facets of modern physics: relativity and quantum theory - are they irreconcilable or not? An original explanation by a passionate expert all the way through to the foundations of the theory."
- Jos Engelen, Former Scientific Director of CERN; President, NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research)

Vincent Icke

Gravity Does Not Exist

A Puzzle for the 21st Century

Every scientific fact was born as an opinion about the unknown - a hypothesis. Opinion gradually becomes fact as evidence piles up to support a theory. But what if there are two theories, each of which has produced a myriad of things that correspond perfectly to the phenomena but can't be combined into one? One theory replaced the mystery of gravity with a precise model of space and time. The other theory replaced the mystery of matter with a description of quantum particles.

As we understand our universe, we keep each in its own domain: space and time for very large things, particles for the very small ones. However, 13.8 billion years ago, those two incompatible domains belonged to a single realm. Who in the current or future generations of physicists will crack this seemingly impossible puzzle? This, contends the author, is not just a big question, but the biggest question in physics in our century.

Combining Ickes's first-hand knowledge with a robust argument and intellectual playfulness, this fascinating book succeeds in making a notoriously difficult subject accessible to all readers interested in a better grasp of our universe.

Vincent Icke

Vincent Icke is hoogleraar theoretische astrofysica aan de Universiteit Leiden, bijzonder hoogleraar Kosmologie aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam en beelden kunstenaar en publicist.