The Art of Lobbying the EU
The Art of Lobbying the EU
More Machiavelli in Brussels (revised edition)
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Detailed Contents Special Preface to Fourth Edition: Ten Years’ Anniversary of this book List of Figures List of Best Websites List of Abbreviations 1. The Europeanization of Public Affairs 2. The Playing-Field: EU Common Decision-Making 3. Pushing the Buttons of ‘Brussels’ 4. Getting Grip on an EU Arena 5. Managing the Home Front 6. Managing the EU Fieldwork 7. The Limits of EU Public Affairs Management 8. Public Affairs, Lobbying and EU Democracy References Index

Reviews and Features

“This books tells everyone how multi-level EU lobbying works … an excellent contribution to a more transparent and honest lobbying business.” — Jo Leinen, MEP since 1999 and President of the European Movement International

“A unique manual for enhancing the quality of PA in the EU context … a must for interest groups and their advisers to become part of the ‘premier league’ in Brussels.” — David Earnshaw, CEO of Burson-Marsteller Brussels

“This original book combines rigorous analysis with an always stimulating perspective … a citation classic and indispensable manual for PA practice in EU.” — Conor McGrath, Deputy Editor of the Journal of Public Affairs

“This synthesis of fresh research and professional experiences illuminates the befogged landscape of interest groups seeking to influence EU policies … a refreshingly coherent account, framed in broader normative concerns.” — Henry Hauser, U.S. Department of Justice

“A milestone in the professionalization of European public affairs … a range of practical tools, grounded in a sound academic approach.” — Truus Huisman, Director Global Issues, Crises and Stakeholders Management, Unilever UK, 2009 PA Award

Rinus van Schendelen

The Art of Lobbying the EU

More Machiavelli in Brussels (revised edition)

Every day in Brussels, countless governmental and civil society interest groups seek to influence the policies of the European Union (EU). Many groups, once they have established themselves in the EU capital, apply the insights of Public Affairs (PA) management, the modern art of lobbying.

Many PA practitioners in the EU as well as academics specialised in EU and PA studies developed fresh insights on ‘how to influence the EU better’. This manual brings together the most up-to-date collection of PA expertise available to anyone desiring to enhance the success of their efforts to influence the EU. This new edition of the best-selling title is filled with new details, cases, findings and practices.

This fully revised and updated fourth edition of the 2002 bestseller offers compelling new insights into the most advanced practices of influencing the decision-making in the European Union’s corridors of power. The author’s uniquely privileged position as advisor to a wide range of lobby groups from several different countries throws much-needed light on best practice and success in public affairs management.

Rinus van Schendelen

Rinus van Schendelen is professor of political science at Erasmus University, Rotterdam NL. He trains and advises lobby groups in dealing with the EU.