Amsterdam University Press

Visualizing the Street. New Practices of Documenting, Navigating and Imagining the City

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 - 20:00
SPUI 25, Amsterdam

In cooperation with SPUI 25

Today, advancements in digital technologies of the image have given rise to the production and dissemination of imagery of streets and urban realities in multiple forms. The ubiquitous presence of digital visualizations has in turn created new forms of urban practice and modes of spatial encounter. What are the effects of new forms of image-making and image-sharing on documenting and archiving streets? How are they effective in building imaginaries of urban communities and alternate worlds? And how do they shape our modes of navigation and everyday spatial practice?

This evening we will celebrate the book launch of Visualizing the Street: New Practices of Documenting, Navigating and Imagining the City, a collection of interdisciplinary essays on emerging forms of visualization of the street around the world, combining close analyses of street images and imaginaries with the study of the practices of their production and circulation.

The past years have seen new emerging forms of image-making and image-sharing, often intertwined and entangled. During this event, experts from various disciplines discuss how new imaginaries of the street are constructed. They question how these images and imageries influence the ways in which contemporary and future streets are understood, imagined, documented, navigated, mediated and visualized.

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