Amsterdam University Press

Inaugural Lectures

Apart from publishing academic publications and publications for a wider audience, Amsterdam University Press also offers a range of services to scholars and institutions, drawing on our excellent network of high-quality printers, designers, editors and business partners.

Printing, designing or selling your inaugural lecture at Amsterdam University Press?

Amsterdam University Press offers employees of all universities the possibility of printing their inaugural lecture at AUP. AUP also offers services for editing, designing, distributing and selling lectures.


You can order copies of your lecture at AUP until six weeks before the delivery date. Please send the high resolution files for both interior and cover to AUP, according to the technical instructions that will be handed to you after contacting AUP. If AUP finds the files to be in order, the copies will be available to you within a few weeks.


AUP can also provide a lay-out for your inaugural lecture. There is a professional, standard lay-out available for this purpose.

Please deliver your manuscript to AUP in Word, with all images and graphics separate in the original format and in high resolution (300 dpi, with a minimal size of 10 by 10 cm). If the manuscript is found to be in order, the lay-out will be ready within two weeks, depending on the quantity of images and graphics.

Distributing and selling

AUP also distributes and sells inaugural lectures. Your lecture will be designed in the professional AUP lay-out, and made available under the imprint Pallas Publications. The author and AUP will enter into a publishing agreement.

Your lecture will be available through Printing on Demand (PoD), meaning that every copy is printed after someone has ordered it.

Inaugural lectures of the University of Amsterdam will be made available online on the UvA website, in Open Access.


AUP also offers editing services for your Dutch or English dissertation.

Do you want to receive an offer?

Please contact with the following information:

  • Your name, university and/or college;
  • Of which of the described services would you like to receive an offer?
  • On what date do you need the copies of your lecture?
  • How many words, including notes, does your lecture contain?
  • How many images, graphics and tables does your lecture contain?
  • How many copies would you like to order?