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Mens en Maatschappij

Mens en Maatschappij

Mens & Maatschappij (M&M), founded in 1925, publishes the latest research in the social sciences relevant to Dutch society and aimed at a Dutch readership. To this end M&M publishes original articles of authors from all social sciences, irrespective of approach.

Aims and scope

M&M is characterized by:

  • its broad range of topics, representative for the whole research domain of the social sciences;
  • articles that confront theory with empirical research;
  • a thorough and constructive review process with an eye for scholarly quality and relevance for policy.
Mens en Maatschappij

Mens & Maatschappij publishes four issues a year, including a once-yearly special issue in which specialists write extensively about a topical theme at the invitation of the editorial board.





Open Access

Mens en Maatschappij is published in Delayed Open Access. All articles are freely accessible after 3 years under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Open Access information

Nella Geurts, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Prof. dr. Ferry Koster, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Prof. dr. Ineke Maas, Universiteit Utrecht & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Dr. Lonneke van Noije, Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau
Dr. Inge Sieben, Tilburg University

Editorial office

Please send manuscripts to:

Books for review can be sent to:
Inge Sieben
attn. Redactie Mens en Maatschappij
Departement Sociologie
Postbus 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
The Netherlands

Editorial board

Prof. dr. P.A. Dykstra, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Prof. dr. J. Gierveld, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Prof. dr. M. Junger, Universiteit Twente
Prof. dr. M. Kalmijn, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Prof. dr. C.H. Mulder, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Dr. H. Schijf, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Prof. dr. P.G. Swanborn, Universiteit Utrecht
Prof. dr. W.C. Ultee, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Prof. dr. J.C. Vrooman, Universiteit Utrecht & Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau

Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement

This journal follows the best practices in the ethics of scholarly publishing stated in the COPE's (Committee on Publication Ethics) Code of Conduct and Guidelines for all parties involved: Authors, Editors, Reviewers, and the Publisher.

Peer Review Process

The journal publishes papers in Dutch focusing on issues relevant to Dutch society or comparing The Netherlands with other countries (an English title, abstract and keywords are required). The submission of an article is understood to mean that the article has a high research standard, has not previously been published, and is not being considered for publication elsewhere in Dutch. The journal operates its peer-review process through its Editorial Board. Each paper is reviewed by all members of the Board. The Editorial Board makes its final decision at a Board meeting which evaluates the reviews of all Board members. Manuscripts that are insufficiently original, have research shortcomings, are poorly expressed or written, or that are beyond the aims and scope of the journal, will be rejected. Authors will be sent the reviewers’ comments on how to improve their manuscript. Authors whose papers are accepted should submit final versions according to the technical requirements in the Instruction for Authors. Authors will usually be informed about the Board’s decision within three months of receipt of their manuscript. Proofs will be sent to authors as PDF files for correction and should be returned to the Editor within one week of receipt.

Indexing services
Back issues
Back issues

Articles in this journal have Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), which are registered with CrossRef. The DOI is a unique number that identifies a published article. The DOI provides a link to current information about that article, including where it can be found online, irrespective of any changes in the journal or publishing company website.


For long-term preservation, all issues of this journal are archived at the Dutch National Library and Portico.

Previous volumes:

1925-2000 is online and Open Access available at
2001-2008 is online and Open Access available at


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