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The peer-reviewed academic journal Pedagogiek (Pedagogy) aims to stimulate and support the scholarly discourse on child rearing, education and training within the Dutch language area (The Netherlands and the Flemish region). Pedagogiek strives to contribute to the scholarly debate, but also desires to boost the public debate on the subject of child rearing, education and training. Therefore, contributions will be judged explicitly on both their scholarly merit and their social relevance. Pedagogiek offers:

  • scholarly articles reporting on empirical, theoretical and historical research in the field of child rearing, education and training, and review studies in the same field;
  • opinion pieces on a scholarly level (panel discussions);
  • book reviews.

The journal Pedagogiek publishes three issues a year:

  • Two regular issues with review articles, a column, panel discussions and book reviews.
  • One themed issue with ca six articles. Recent themed issues were: The social context of young lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders in the Netherlands (2015), 25 years child rights: in retrospect and in the future (2014), Education, philosophy and the public domain (2013), Cultural-ethnical diversity in the society and in education (2012) en Fatherhood, the role of the father in the education of children and the diversity of fatherhood (2011).




Open Access

Pedagogiek is published in Delayed Open Access. All articles are freely accessible after 1 year under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

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Dr. F.B. van Rooij
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Child Development and Education
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Editorial board

dr. Joep Bakker (voorzitter; DB), Radboud Universiteit
dr. Henny Bos (DB), Universiteit van Amsterdam
dr. Eddie Denessen, Radboud Universiteit
prof. dr. Doret de Ruyter, Vrije Universiteit
dr. Lisette Hornstra, Universiteit Utrecht
dr. Jan Lenders, Radboud Universiteit
prof. dr. Jan Masschelein, KU Leuven
prof. dr. Louis Tavecchio, Universiteit van Amsterdam
dr. Bruno Vanobbergen, Universiteit Gent
dr. Floor van Rooij (DB), Universiteit van Amsterdam
prof. dr. Wiel Veugelers, Universiteit voor Humanistiek

Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement

This journal follows the best practices in the ethics of scholarly publishing stated in the COPE's (Committee on Publication Ethics) Code of Conduct and Guidelines for all parties involved: Authors, Editors, Reviewers, and the Publisher.


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