Tijdschrift voor Historische Geografie

Tijdschrift voor Historische Geografie

Tijdschrift voor Historische Geografie (THG) is the leading journal on the history of Dutch cultural landscapes, including urban areas. The publication is richly illustrated with maps, photos, prints and paintings. THG offers a stage to both young as well as experienced authors who carry out research on the historical-spatial development of provincial and urban areas. In periodic literary and commentary sections, the journal also traces current developments in the field of historical geography and its intersection with related fields such as urban studies, the history of archeology, archeology and regional planning.

Aims and scope

Tijdschrift voor Historische Geografie encourages reflection and debate around the themes covered in the journal. Apart from book reviews, the journal also publishes interviews with prominent scholars in which they reflect on their research and on policies and practices related to the history and heritage of landscapes and cities.

Tijdschrift voor Historische Geografie

Tijdschrift voor Historische Geografie is published in 4 issues per year.





Open Access

Tijdschrift voor Historische Geografie wordt gepubliceerd in delayed open access. Alle artikelen zijn voor iedereen toegankelijk na een periode van 2 jaar met de volgende Creative Commons-licentie: Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Open Access information

Jaap Evert Abrahamse, Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency
Henk Baas, Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency
Sonja Barends, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
Thomas van den Brink (editorial office), TU Delft
Linde Egberts, VU Amsterdam
Marcel IJsselstijn, Leiden University
Menne Kosian, Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency
Hans Renes, Utrecht University
Ingwer Walsweer, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties

Editorial office

Editorial secretary: Thomas van den Brink
E-mail: redactieTHG@gmail.com
Address: Noordeinde 48B, 2311 CE Leiden

Books for review can be sent to:
Redactie van het Tijdschrift voor Historische Geografie
p/a Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed
Smallepad 5
3811 MG Amersfoort

Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement

Amsterdam University Press and this journal endorse the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines and will pursue cases of suspected research and publication misconduct (e.g. falsification, unethical experimentation, plagiarism, inappropriate image manipulation, redundant publication). Our full Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement can be consulted here.

Peer Review Process

Contributions are evaluated by the editorial board. In some cases an external expert is asked to review contributions (such as book reviews).


Articles in this journal have Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), which are registered with CrossRef. The DOI is a unique number that identifies a published article. The DOI provides a link to current information about that article, including where it can be found online, irrespective of any changes in the journal or publishing company website.


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