Apart from publishing academic publications and publications for a wider audience, Amsterdam University Press (AUP) also offers a range of services to scholars and institutions, drawing on our excellent network of high-quality printers, designers, editors and business partners.

AUP offers various services

  • Printing. As a professional publishing house, AUP works with high-quality printers.
  • Designing. AUP offers a professional lay-out for your work, depending on your wishes.
  • Text-editing. AUP works with experienced editors. English language manuscripts are edited by native speaking editors.
  • Translating. There are several options for translating your work to English or Dutch.
  • Commercial edition. AUP can provide an ISBN and make your work available in (online) bookshops, such as Amazon or (depending on the language of your work). This can be a paper publication, or an e-book, or both. It is important that you have full rights to the work, or, if you have used material from third parties (text and/or images), that you have the permission of the rights holders. AUP will send you additional information.

Contact us

For more information about our services or for a specific offer, please contact, and include the following information:

  • Your name and address;
  • For which of the services above would you like to receive an offer?
  • When choosing printing: when would you like to receive copies of your work, and how many?
  • When choosing designing, text-editing or translating: the word-count of your work, including footnotes and endnotes (you can check this in Word by going to the ‘Tools’ menu, under ‘Word Count’), and the number of images, photographs, diagrams and tables.

Dissertation or lecture?

If you are interested in printing or publishing your dissertation with AUP, please contact Rob Wadman (