Having your dissertation printed

Before you graduate, you can order any number of copies of your dissertation from AUP.

  • Please provide us with print-ready files for the cover and interior. When you first contact AUP, you will receive a guide on ‘Having your dissertation printed’, which contains instructions for how you should deliver your files.
  • After AUP has checked the files, the copies will be delivered to your door within two to three weeks (depending on the number of copies you have ordered). Naturally we can also provide your invitations and propositions, for a small additional fee.

Having your dissertation designed and printed

AUP can also design the cover and interior of your dissertation, with professional lay-outs for both.

  • Cover: if you wish to have a cover image, please deliver the image of your choice as set out in the guide, ‘Having your dissertation designed’. A typographical cover (no image) is also possible. If you would like a jacket text, please also provide us with one. Designing a cover takes no longer than one week.
  • Interior: if you deliver your manuscript in Word and send all figures and tables separately, as set out in the guide mentioned above, then AUP can design the interior. The first proofs will be ready in one or two weeks, and completion of the interior will also take one or two weeks. The time taken will depend on the number of figures and tables.

Having a commercial edition of your dissertation made

AUP can also produce a commercial edition of your dissertation that is suitable for sale to interested parties.

  • Your dissertation will be included in the ‘University Dissertations’ series and appear on the accompanying website.
  • Your dissertation will be available under the name ‘Vossiuspers’ or ‘Pallas Publications’ (depending on the university where you graduate).
  • For a commercial edition, AUP designs both the interior and the cover, using the series lay-out.
  • The book can be ordered from (online) booksellers, such as Bol.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.
  • AUP will provide your dissertation with good metadata to make it easier to find the title using search engines.
  • An e-pdf of your dissertation will be made available for the repository of your university.
  • It is important that you have full rights to the work, or, if you have used material from third parties (text and/or images), that you have the permission of the rights holders (including for the web version). You will receive additional information about this. You will personally conclude an author’s agreement with AUP.

Extra: Text-editing

It is also possible to have your Dutch or English manuscript edited by Amsterdam University Press. Professional editors are available for this, and English-language texts will be edited by a native speaker. Prices for text-editing are available on request. The edited manuscript will be returned to you after two weeks

Time table

Text-editingFirst proofsCheckPrintingSubmit to registrarAvailable for sale
Two weeksOne or two weeksOne or two weeksTwo to three weeksThree to five weeks prior to graduationAfter graudation

Contact us

If you are interested in printing or publishing your dissertation with AUP, please contact Rob Wadman (r.wadman@aup.nl).

Dissertations of PhD students at the University of Amsterdam

For PhD students at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), AUP will deliver a digital file for the database UvA Dissertations Online. UvA Dissertations Online is a service for the online publication of dissertations of the UvA. The service aims to achieve increased visibility and proper archiving of UvA dissertations. The use of international standards guarantees worldwide access to the dissertations via the Internet. Popular search engines like Google Scholar and Yahoo can easily find the dissertations in UvA Dissertations Online.

For PhD students at the University of Amsterdam there is a discount of 8%, see more here:

Download here our Dissertations brochure UvAPro