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ARC - Medieval Media Cultures
Attributed to Meliacin Master [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Series editors

Toby Burrows, University of Oxford
Dorothy Kim, Vassar College
Richard Utz, Georgia Institute of Technology

Geographical Scope
Medieval Europe; contemporary global digital studies
Chronological Scope
Most entries will concern medieval and early-modern literatures, cultures, and media, as well as contemporary technological approaches to researching these cultures.
Digital Humanities (DH), literacy, mapping, GIS, (digital) archiving, preservation, human-computer interactions, text-encoding / TEI, electronic texts, digital tools, meta-data, game studies, media studies

ARC - Medieval Media Cultures


Medieval Media Cultures offers analyses of how individuals interacted with written, visual, dramatic, and material media in medieval and early modern cultures, as well as how modern scholars interact with the remnants of medieval and early modern cultures via written, material, and now digital and electronic media.

This new series in media literacy welcomes proposals for monographs and essay collections in the fields of digital humanities, mapping, digital text analysis, games and gaming studies, literacy studies, and text production and interaction. We are especially interested in projects that demonstrate how digital methods and tools for research, preservation, and presentation influence the ways in which we interact with and understand these texts and media.

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