Beyond Medieval Europe - ARC
Author Unknown [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Source Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek, ms Voss. lat. Q79, fol. 93v. Leiden University Library Website
Series editors

Christian Raffensperger, Wittenberg University

Geographical Scope
Europe, including the Latin East during the period of the Crusades
Chronological Scope
793 – 1453
Advisory Board

Kurt Villads Jensen, University of Stockholm
Balázs Nagy, Central European University
Leonara Neville, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interconnectivity, medieval eastern Europe, wider medieval Europe, Byzantium, Baltic world, Centre / Periphery Relations, micro-Christendoms

Beyond Medieval Europe - ARC

Beyond Medieval Europe publishes monographs and edited volumes that evoke medieval Europe’s geographic, cultural, and religious diversity, while highlighting the interconnectivity of the entire region, understood in the broadest sense – from Dublin to Constantinople, Novgorod to Toledo. The individuals who inhabited this expansive territory built cities, cultures, kingdoms, and religions that impacted their locality and the world around them in manifold ways. The series is keen to include studies on traditionally underrepresented subjects in Anglophone scholarship (such as medieval eastern Europe) and to consider submissions from scholars not natively writing in English in an effort to increase the diversity of Anglophone publishing on the greater medieval European world.

Submissions may be monographs or edited volumes of 70,000 or more words (particularly of interest in this regard are volumes which bring together the work of scholars from various disciplines and modern regions), or shorter “minigraphs” of 45,000 to 60,000 words.

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