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NIOD Studies on War, Holocaust, and Genocide
Graffiti on the poster of the musical ‘Yours, Anne’ in the Valkenburgerstraat – incidentally the street which in the old Jewish Quarter of Amsterdam intersects the Anne Frank Straat (photo: Thomas Schlijper / Hollandse Hoogte, 2 January 2011)
Series editors

Karel Berkhoff, NIOD
Thijs Bouwknegt, NIOD
Peter Keppy, NIOD
Ingrid de Zwarte, NIOD and University of Amsterdam

Geographical Scope
Chronological Scope
Twentieth and twenty-first century
Advisory Board

Frank Bajohr, Center for Holocaust Studies, Munich
Joan Beaumont, Australian National University,
Bruno De Wever, Ghent University
William H. Frederick, Ohio University
Susan R. Grayzel, The University of Mississippi
Wendy Lower, Claremont McKenna College

War, holocaust, genocide

NIOD Studies on War, Holocaust, and Genocide

Discipline:Social Sciences

NIOD Studies on War, Holocaust, and Genocide is an English-language series with peer-reviewed scholarly work on the impact of war, the Holocaust, and genocide on twentieth-century and contemporary societies, covering a broad range of historical approaches in a global context, and from diverse disciplinary perspectives.

Proposals are welcome for monographs and edited volumes blending analysis and empirical research on:

  • Colonial and postcolonial mass violence
  • Occupation regimes and societies
  • The Holocaust at the local level
  • Genocidal ideologies and propaganda
  • Perpetrators/perpetration
  • Survivor strategies and coping mechanisms
  • War crimes and genocide trials
Commissioning editor