Teaching the Medieval Ages - ARC
A Medieval Classroom (http://www.uncp.edu/home/rwb/lecture_mid_civ.htm) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Series editors

Kisha Tracy, Fitchburg State University
Joshua Eyler, Rice University
Susan Yager, Iowa State University
Tory Pearman, Miami University of Ohio

Geographical Scope
Global medieval studies, primarily as taught in the United States
Chronological Scope
Pedagogy, curricula, medieval studies, identity, race, gender, sexuality, religion, violence, disability, environment, technology

Teaching the Medieval Ages - ARC

Teaching the Middle Ages aims to reflect the best and most innovative in medieval pedagogies, providing resources for instructors, students, and administrators wishing to understand the current and future place of medieval studies in the modern academy. Books in Teaching the Middle Ages will respond to current trends and debates reshaping modern classrooms and curricula, including issues of identity, race, gender, sexuality, religion, violence, disability, environment, technology, and how medievalists teach these topics in our classrooms. These projects should be grounded in the scholarship of teaching and learning and/or data-driven pedagogical research methods.

The series editors are particularly interested in proposals for two kinds of publications: first, monographs and collections, aimed at instructors, libraries, and administrators, detailing innovative pedagogical theories and demonstrably effective techniques for teaching pre-modern topics in undergraduate settings. Second, the series editors are interested in proposals for texts and tools best suited for student use. These might be paperback texts for classroom adoption, including sourcebooks, translations, or essay collections. The series board will also consider proposals for hybrid projects (i.e., classroom texts linked to digital resources).

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