The Medieval Globe Books - ARC
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Series editors

Carol Symes, Associate Professor of History and Medieval Studies at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Editorial Board

James Barrett, Reader in Medieval Archaeology & Deputy Director of the McDonald Institute, University of Cambridge

Kathleen Davis, Professor of English, University of Rhode Island

Felipe Fernández-Armesto, William P. Reynolds Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

Elizabeth Lambourn, Reader in South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies & Leverhulme Major Research Fellow, DeMontfort University

Yuen-Gen Liang
Associate Professor of History & Founding Executive Director of the Spain-North Africa Project, National Taiwan University

Victor Lieberman
Marvin B. Becker Collegiate Professor of Southeast Asian History, University of Michigan

Carla Nappi
Associate Professor of History, University of British Columbia

Elizabeth Oyler
Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Pittsburgh

Christian Raffensperger
Associate Professor of History, Wittenberg University

Rein Raud
Professor of Japanese and World Cultures, Tallinn University & Freie Universität Berlin

D. Fairchild Ruggles
Professor of Landscape Architecture and Art History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Julia Verkholantsev
Associate Professor of Russian and East European Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Alicia Walker
Assistant Professor of Medieval Art and Architecture, Bryn Mawr College


The Medieval Globe Books - ARC

The Medieval Globe (TMG) is a peer-reviewed journal launched in November 2014 with a special issue on the Black Death as a global pandemic. It explores the modes of communication, materials of exchange, and myriad interconnections among regions, communities, and individuals in an era central to human history. TMG promotes scholarship in three related areas of study:

  • the direct and indirect means by which peoples, goods, and ideas came into contact
  • the deep roots of global developments
  • the ways in which perceptions of the medieval past have been (and are) constructed around the world.

The Medieval Globe is published biannually, in both print and digital formats. Thematic issues usually alternate with miscellanies of select articles submitted for consideration on a rolling basis. Future thematic issues might address such topics as: pilgrimage, diasporas, race and racializing technologies, maritime cultures and ports-of-call, piracy and crime, knowledge networks, markets and consumerism, entertainment, spoils and spolia, global localities, comparative cosmographies, sites of translation and acculturation, slavery and social mobility.

TMG‘s Editorial Board is currently seeking submissions. It encourages innovative and collaborative work in a variety of academic genres:

  • Full-length articles
  • Scholarly dialogues
  • Multi-authored discussions
  • Review essays
  • Editions or translations of source materials

Submission Guidelines