Byzantium Unbound
Byzantium Unbound
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Peeling away the layers of prejudice What is Byzantium good for? Byzantium for classicists Byzantium and the medieval West

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"Anthony Kaldellis is a prolific scholar and certainly among the foremost historians of the Byzantine world in North America. He is also one of the most intellectually provocative and challenging, and his writing invariably generates vigorous discussion and sometimes strong disagreement. He is a scholar on a mission, and this short, well-written, and articulate book exemplifies that mission perfectly: to reinstate the study of Byzantine civilization and society as a foundational element in the historical study of post-Roman Europe and the Mediterranean, and to remove the cloak of Eurocentric and crusader “othering” of medieval eastern Roman culture and civilization that has beset its history for centuries."
- John Haldon, Princeton University, Emeritus, Speculum 96/3 (July 2021)

Anthony Kaldellis

Byzantium Unbound

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Byzantium suffers under many layers of misunderstanding built up between the ninth and twentieth centuries. Peeling away these layers, we find a civilization worth studying, one that explains much about classical and medieval history. Rather than representing a society "peripheral" to more important historical developments, or a mere "intermediary stage" of grander civilizational progress, Byzantium merits study in its own right as the most stable and enduring form of Greco-Roman society, forming a sturdy bridge between antiquity and the early modern period, as well as between East and West. This book repositions Byzantium in our "grammar of civilizations" and presents a fresh argument for what Byzantine Studies has to offer, especially to classicists and medievalists. Such a book has never been written about Byzantium. Scholars, students, and instructors who are currently at a loss how Byzantium might usefully be integrated into a world history curriculum will find this book essential.

Anthony Kaldellis

Anthony Kaldellis (Professor and Chair of Classics at the Ohio State University) has published many books on various aspects of Byzantine history, culture, and literature.