A New Companion to Critical Thinking on Chaucer
A New Companion to Critical Thinking on Chaucer
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Introduction, by Stephanie L. Batkie, Matthew W. Irvin, and Lynn Shutters
Foreword, by Christopher Cannon
Consente/Assente, by Fiona Somerset
Entente, by Candace Barrington
Pite, by Glenn Burger
Slider, by David Raybin
Response Essay, by Ardis Butterfield
Merveille, by Tara Williams
Virginite, by Sarah Salih
Swiven, by Helen Barr
Crafte, by Bruce Holsinger
Response Essay, by Simon Horobin
Vertu, by Holly Crocker
Wal, by Marion Turner
Thing, by Steele Nowlin
Blacke, by Cord J. Whitaker
Response Essay, by Carolyn Dinshaw
Auctorite/Auctor, by R. D. Perry
Secular, by Catherine Sanok
Flesh, by Richard H. Godden
Memorie, by Ruth Evans
Response Essay, by Andrew Cole
Appendix 1: Summaries of the Works of Chaucer
Appendix 2: Additional Terms
Appendix 3: Coverage by Term
Appendix 4: Coverage by Work
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A New Companion to Critical Thinking on Chaucer

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This New Companion to Critical Thinking on Chaucer brings together preeminent scholars from around the world and adopts a novel approaching, beginning with the basics: Chaucer's words. Each chapter explores a single word from the Chaucerian corpus to develop readings that extend across the author's works. Without being limited to a particular text or theoretical approach, contributors model scholarly thinking in action, posing questions and offering analyses from textual, theoretical, historical, and material approaches. The result is a comprehensive collection of essays that illuminates Chaucer's aesthetics, philosophical complexity, and continued relevance. Part innovative scholarship, part how-to manual, the volume includes apparatus to help less experienced readers of Chaucer negotiate its contents. In addition to fourteen main essays, the volume also includes three response essays, each modelling how a seasoned scholar uses the chapters to develop his or her own thinking about Chaucer. Thus, the companion offers something to audiences of all levels who wish to read, research, and enjoy Chaucer, his language, and his works.

Stephanie Batkie

Stephanie L. Batkie is a Teaching Associate Professor and the Director of Writing Across the Curriculum at the University of the South. She works on Middle English and medieval Latin literature.

Matthew Irvin

Matthew Irvin is Associate Professor of English, Chair of Medieval Studies, and Director of the Sewanee Medieval Colloquium at the University of the South. He and Stephanie Batkie are currently co-translating John Gower's Vox Clamantis for the TEAMS Medieval Text Series.

Lynn Shutters

Lynn Shutters is Special Assistant Professor of English at Colorado State University; she teaches medieval literature, medievalism, and emotion and literature.