Inclusive Curating in Contemporary Art
Inclusive Curating in Contemporary Art
A Practical Guide
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Chapter 1: Facilitating Research
Chapter 2: Finding the "Big Idea"
Chapter 3: Acquiring Artwork
Chapter 4: Developing Interpretation
Chapter 5: Installation and Exhibition
Final Thoughts

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"This important book breaks new ground and makes a hugely valuable contribution to socially engaged thinking and practice in museums. It not only makes a vivid, compelling case for inclusive curating but provides practical approaches for taking this work forward." - Prof. Richard Sandell, Research Centre for Museums and Galleries, University of Leicester

"Through practitioner-led research, this book presents original tools and approaches demonstrating the powerful potential of facilitators in creating change within museums, offering an essential roadmap for inclusive curatorial collaborations." - Emily Pringle, Head of Research, Tate

Jade French

Inclusive Curating in Contemporary Art

A Practical Guide

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ecent decades have witnessed concerns over representation, inclusion, and social justice move from the margins to the centre of museum practice. While a growing number of institutions seek to reflect the diversity of their communities in exhibition-making, gaps remain in understanding applied approaches and practices. This book presents the inclusion of new voices and perspectives into the museum via "inclusive curating," a facilitated process empowering a wide demographic of people to become curators. Grounded in a case study, this book offers guidance in putting inclusive curating into action alongside a range of practical resources and key debates. Curating is often considered an exclusive job for a privileged few. But, by breaking it down using methods demonstrated throughout this book, not only does curating become more usable for more people, it also contributes to understanding the process and practices by which our cultural spaces can become democratized.

Jade French

Jade French is a practice-led researcher at the University of Leeds who explores inclusive art and museum studies.