Migration and Citizenship
Migration and Citizenship
Legal Status, Rights and Political Participation
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Table of Contents - 6 Text Boxes - 8 Tables - 9 Introduction - 10 1 Citizenship and migration – concepts and controversies - 16 Introduction - 16 Citizenship status - 17 Citizenship rights and duties - 24 Citizenship virtues and practices - 32 2 The legal status of immigrants and their access to nationality - 34 The legal status of foreign nationals - 34 Citizenship regulations in comparative perspective: Is there convergence - 41 Access to, acquisition of and loss of nationality in liberal states – is there convergence or divergence? - 45 Explaining citizenship policies in liberal states - 52 Dual citizenship - 59 Migrant choices, the impact of policies on naturalisation behaviour and the consequences of naturalisation - 61 Perspectives for research - 66 3 EU citizenship and the status of third country nationals - 68 The roots of Union citizenship - 68 Union citizenship or European denizenship? - 71 European citizenship and policies vis-à-vis third country nationals - 73 European citizenship and antidiscrimination - 80 The concept of civic citizenship - 81 4 Political participation, mobilisation and representation of immigrants and their offspring in Europe - 84 Introduction - 84 Definitions and concepts - 85 The thesis of political quiescence of immigrants - 86 Explaining the various forms of immigrant political participation - 88 A typology of the various forms of immigrant political participation in the country of settlement - 91 Transnational political participation - 99 Research perspectives - 102 How to evaluate political participation of immigrants and their offspring in the country of residence? - 103 Annex - 107 Notes - 114 References - 120

Rainer Bauböck (red.)

Migration and Citizenship

Legal Status, Rights and Political Participation

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Citizenship is frequently invoked both as an instrument and goal of immigrant integration. Yet, in migration contexts, citizenship also marks a distinction between members and outsiders based on their different relations to particular states. A migration perspective highlights the boundaries of citizenship and political control over entry and exit as well as the fact that foreign residents remain in most countries deprived of core rights of political participation. This book summarizes current theories and empirical research on the legal status and political participation of migrants in European democracies.

Rainer Bauböck

Rainer Bauböck is hoogleraar sociale en politieke theorie aan het Europees Universitair Instituut in Florence. Recente publicaties: Transnational Citizenship (1994), From Aliens to citizens (1994), The Challenge of Diversity (1996), Blurred Boundaries (1998), Migration and Citizenship (2006).