Urban Europe
Urban Europe
Fifty Tales of the City
Gioia Marini
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Contents Acknowledgements 13 1. Urban Europe and the European Union 15 An introduction Virginie Mamadouh and Anne van Wageningen Part 1 Citizenship 2. At home in the city? 23 The difference between friendship and amicability Jan Willem Duyvendak and Fenneke Wekker 3. A tolerant social climate? 31 Questioning the validity of an overly positive self-image Thijl Sunier 4. Sex and the city 37 Room for sexual citizenship Gert Hekma 5. The city as integration mechanism? 45 Active, integrated migrants require an active government Jeanine Klaver and Arend Odé 6. Undocumented immigrants 51 Between exclusion and inclusion Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas and Sébastien Chauvin 7. From Mokum to Damsko and back again? 59 Deep language diversity and the new urbanity Virginie Mamadouh and Nesrin El Ayadi 8. Schools in the multilingual city 67 Not every language is equal Orhan Agirdag 9. City kids and citizenship 75 Lia Karsten 10. Those who feel left behind 83 Fenne M. Pinkster 11. Exiles in the city: A triptych 89 Guido Snel, Sepp Eckenhaussen and Fien de Ruiter Part 2 Urban nodes 12. Hub Cities 2.0 for the 21st century 105 Núria Arbonés Aran 13. Competing cities and urban networks in medieval Europa 111 Arie van Steensel 14. Beyond anti-urban sentiments 117 Towards a new metropolitan European family Zef Hemel 15. Trendy coffee shops and urban sociability 123 Jan Rath and Wietze Gelmers 16. A quiet transfer 131 The disappearing urban prison, Amsterdam and beyond G. Geltner 17. Build something different for a change! 139 How the people of Amsterdam resisted the sell-out of their city centre Tim Verlaan 18. Big is beautiful? 147 Small-scale urban projects for a new century Stan Majoor 19. Creative cities and shrinking cities: False opposites? 153 Marco Bontje Part 3 Creative cities 20. The creative destruction and recovery of cities 163 Joost Jonker 21. Visions and symbols of the creative city 171 From the patroness of the city to the 3D Print Canal House Claartje Rasterhoff 22. Smart cities value their smart citizens 181 Frank Kresin 23. The dangers of a tamed city 187 Robert C. Kloosterman 24. Cities and creative unpredictability 193 Moritz Föllmer 25. Cultural Incubators: The squats of the 21st century? 199 Jaap Draaisma 26. New cities as testing grounds for a new urbanity 209 Arnold Reijndorp Part 4 Sustainable cities 27. The social sustainability of European cities 219 The importance of local government Sako Musterd and Jan Nijman 28. Bothersome and besotted 227 The struggle against public drunkenness in urban space Gemma Blok 29. ProefGroen (Taste Green / Test Green) 235 A healthy diet can also be tasty and sustainable Coosje Dijkstra, Jutka Halberstadt, Jaap Seidell and Arnoud Verhoeff 30. Cycling is an acquired skill 243 A cycling city is created through trial and error Marco te Brömmelstroet 31. Growing socio-spatial segregation in European capitals: Different government, less mitigation 251 Sako Musterd 32. The future of the city 259 Amsterdam between growth and overexploitation? Jeroen Slot and Laure Michon 33. Welcome to Amsterdam! Well, not really 267 The right to the city requires a city in balance Arie van Wijngaarden 34. More than just housing 275 The importance of housing associations for a sustainable city Jeroen van der Veer and Dick Schuiling 35. The energetic city: Between dreams and deeds 283 Matthijs Hisschemöller Part 5 Urban representation 36. The dreamed European city (urbo kune) 293 Eberhard van der Laan 37. Interlocking identities 301 Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Europe in the built environment of the capital Michael Wintle 38. An eye for freedom: Spinoza and Terstall in Amsterdam 309 Patricia Pisters 39. An urban geopolitics 317 (or, the perils of using the city to rebrand the state — and Europe) Luiza Bialasiewicz 40. Decor and decorum in diplomacy 323 Herman van der Wusten 41. Urban diplomacy in Europe 331 Mutual engagement or business-minded pragmatism? Claske Vos 42. Town twinning 339 Over the (ir)relevance of the p

Virginie Mamadouh, Anne van Wageningen

Urban Europe

Fifty Tales of the City

In Urban Europe, urban researchers and practitioners based in Amsterdam tell the story of the European city, sharing their knowledge of and insights into urban dynamics in short, thought-provoking pieces.
Their essays were collected on the occasion of the adoption of the Pact of Amsterdam with an Urban Agenda for the European Union during the Dutch Presidency of the Council in 2016.
The fifty essays gathered in this volume present perspectives from diverse academic disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences.
The authors “ including the Mayor of Amsterdam, urban activists, civil servants and academic observers “ cover a wide range of topical issues, inviting and encouraging us to rethink citizenship, connectivity, innovation, sustainability and representation as well as the role of cities in administrative and political networks.
With the Urban Agenda for the European Union, EU Member States have acknowledged the potential of cities to address the societal challenges of the 21st century. This is part of a larger, global trend. These are all good reasons to learn more about urban dynamics and to understand the challenges that cities have faced in the past and that they currently face. Often but not necessarily taking Amsterdam as an example, the essays in this volume will help you grasp the complexity of urban.

Virginie Mamadouh

Virginie Mamadouh is universitair hoofddocent politieke en culturele geografie aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam en hoofdredacteur van het tijdschrift Geopolitics.

Anne van Wageningen

Anne van Wageningen is universitair docent Europees recht bij de capaciteitsgroep Europese studies van de Universiteit van Amsterdam.