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FORUM+ is a journal for Research and Arts in Belgium and the Netherlands. The journal explores the latest trends in research in the arts, which is gaining importance in higher arts education in Flanders and the Netherlands. FORUM+ stimulates the dialogue between research in the arts, critical reflection and the social context in which it is established: this way the journal offers a platform for creative approaches and critical reflections on our world. The ‘arts’ are intentionally defined as broad as possible: music, drama, dance as well as the visual arts. The interdisciplinary profile of FORUM+ thus allows for discussions of subject-related issues, but also permits us to reveal the relationships and differences between artistic disciplines. The title of the journal reflects that intention: it aims to be a forum for the exchange of ideas, with a plus!

Aims and scope

FORUM+ is primarily aimed at researchers, teachers and students in the field of music, theater, dance and visual arts, but it also brings current developments of research in the arts to the art-loving public. For this FORUM+ delivers accessibility in form and content, positioning itself in between an academic journal and a cultural magazine. It publishes articles and visual essays in Dutch and English that stem from original research and are peer-reviewed by the editorial staff and a member of the editorial advisory board with specific expertise in this field. The editorial board also welcomes short contributions such as artistic texts, interviews and reflective essays. In this way FORUM+ provides a platform for the many ways in which research in the arts is expressed and articulated today. FORUM+ also contains a section for in-depth reviews of books, CDs, DVDs, exhibitions, theater, opera and dance performances, as well as a heritage section "Ex Libris" from the rich library collection of the Antwerp Conservatoire.


FORUM+ verschijnt drie keer per jaar (herfst, lente, zomer) en wordt gepubliceerd door Amsterdam University Press en het Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen



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Redactie FORUM+
Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen
(AP Hogeschool Antwerpen)
Desguinlei 25
2018 Antwerpen

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