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Lampas. Tijdschrift voor Classici

Lampas. Tijdschrift voor Classici

Lampas is a Dutch`-language journal for the study of Greek and Roman Antiquity, including Greek and Latin literature and linguistics, Ancient Philosophy and History, Classical Archaeology, Reception Studies as well as the teaching of Classical languages and culture in secondary schools.

Aims and scope

From its inception in 1968 Lampas it has been the journal's particular aim to establish a dialogue between academic classicists and those teaching Classics in secondary schools and others interested in the world of the ancient Greeks and Romans in all its facets, including its reception throughout the centuries until the current day. This results in a large variety of contributions, from orginal research to easily accessible overviews of the current state of scholarship in the field, and form thematic issues and articles on current topics of interest to educational contributions suitable for classroom use.

Lampas. Tijdschrift voor Classici

Lampas is published in four issues per volume





Open Access

Lampas is published in Delayed Open Access. All articles are freely accessible after 2 years under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Open Access information

dr. Rutger Allan (Greek, VU University Amsterdam)
dr. Bert van den Berg (Ancient Philosophy, Leiden University)
dr. Jaap-Jan Flinterman (Ancient History, VU University Amsterdam)
dr. Mark Heerink (Latin, University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam)
dr. Hugo Koning (Classical Languages, Stanislascollege Delft)
drs. Suzanne Luger (Classical Languages, St. Ignatiusgymnasium Amsterdam, ILO/POWL, University of Amsterdam)
dr. Stephan Mols (Classical Archaeology, Radboud University Nijmegen)
drs. Kokkie van Oeveren (Classical Languages, St. Ignatius-gymnasium Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, VCN)
dr. Remco Regtuit (Greek, University of Groningen)
dr. Sofie Remijsen (Ancient History, University of Amsterdam)
dr. Rodie Risselada (chair; Latin, University of Amsterdam).

Editorial office

Contributions can be submitted for review by email to or by post to

Redactiesecretariaat Lampas / Lola Bos
Universiteit van Amsterdam - Opleiding GLTC
Postbus 94203
1090 GE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement

This journal follows the best practices in the ethics of scholarly publishing stated in the COPE's (Committee on Publication Ethics) Code of Conduct and Guidelines for all parties involved: Authors, Editors, Reviewers, and the Publisher.

Peer Review Process

Lampas uses a double-blind peer review system. This means that the anonymized submission will be sent out to be reviewed by two anonymous experts. These experts are selected by the chief editor. The chief editor makes the final decision about acceptation of the submitted article.

Because of the intended (Dutch-speaking) readership of Lampas, we prefer contributions in Dutch. Because of the international character of academia, these are prefaced by a summary in English.

Back issues
Back issues

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For long-term preservation, all issues of this journal are archived at the Dutch National Library and Portico.


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