Publish with AUP

Amsterdam University Press (AUP) is actively seeking proposals for cutting-edge research from around the world. AUP has run a successful print and digital programme of outstanding academic publications for over thirty years.

Publishing Programme

AUP publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed Academic monographs, edited collections and handbooks, as well as textbooks for universities and higher education, journals, conference proceedings and major reference works. AUP's paper and e-format publishing programme is in standing with other major scholarly publishers of the Humanities and Social Sciences. We pride ourselves on academic rigour, innovation and professionalism.

What to expect from publishing with AUP…

Academic Monographs and Edited Collections

  • An open and creative attitude across acquisitions, sales and marketing
  • A highly-qualified professional team providing close author support throughout all stages of the publication process
  • Fast decision-making processes from proposal to publication
  • A thorough and timely peer-review to international industry standards, with evaluations from expert editorial boards
  • Strong relationships with all major Indexing & Abstracting services, so your book is easily accessible to scholars around the world
  • An internationally-focussed sales strategy and distribution network with representatives in all major global markets
  • A dedicated, supportive and specialised marketing team. Our marketing strategy is designed to connect with scholars, specialists, readers and journals through digital communications, author marketing support and conferences.
  • A long-standing supporter of Open Access publishing, with extensive experience of publishing and distributing open access books
  • Partnerships with some of the world’s finest research institutions to produce outstanding book series across AUP’s core disciplines.

Educational Textbooks

  • Textbooks in both Dutch- and English-language for students from a variety of backgrounds.
  • A distribution and marketing network for books in both languages.
  • Partnerships with key institutions to cooperatively develop and publish new research.
  • Promotion to the educational market through campaigns aimed at course adoption to carefully selected tutors.
  • Dutch- and English-language textbooks are distributed by the CB and the English-language textbooks benefit from the same rigor of the Sales and Distribution process for the Academic Programme.

Submit a Proposal

If you would like to submit a proposal, please read the relevant author guide to ensure it fits AUP's publishing programme.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact AUP's friendly team of commissioning editors. AUP look forward to receiving your proposal.