Review or Inspection Copy

We are always happy to hear from journals or magazines who wish to publish a review of one of our books, or from a scholar who is considering one of our books for course use.

Review Copies

Important Update Regarding Physical Review Copies, the COVID-19 Pandemic and Brexit (Updated: January 2022)


The global supply chain is under considerable pressure due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like most publishers, the AUP print book programme is experiencing disruption from these widely reported issues. While we are sending hard copies to reviewers who request them, please be aware of delays, particularly in the USA, of approximately 6-8 weeks.


The second ongoing challenge that publishers such as AUP face is Brexit. We are constantly working on our strategy to get hardcopies from the UK to the EU without charge to reviewers, but with the advice regularly changing and the varying customs practices across the territory, this is not something that AUP or our distributors can guarantee. If a journal has commissioned a reviewer who requires a physical copy, please make this known in your email request so that we can closely monitor the delivery of the review copy and reimburse the reviewer if necessary.

Requesting a Review Copy

To request a (digital) review copy, please contact our Marketing Department via

Please include the following details in your request:

  • The book title, author(s), and ISBN
  • The reason for your request (e.g. review, author interview, etc.)
  • The name and details of your newspaper, journal, blog, etc. If you have not previously requested a review copy from AUP please include a sample of your journal or magazine, with details of its readership
  • Your name and position

Review copies are sent out at the discretion of Amsterdam University Press under the following conditions:

  • A PDF copy of the review is sent to upon publication
  • In the case where both hardback and paperback versions of the book are available, the paperback will be sent. Please note: where possible we are trying to send digital copies. Please see the Brexit/COVID-19 statement above.
  • We strongly encourage that where books are available in Open Access, the journal/reviewer accepts a digital copy of the book.
  • One review copy is sent per journal.
  • We will only issue review copies in response to a request from a book reviews or journal editor.

Inspection copies

Lecturers can order a (digital) inspection copy of any title.

If you should decide not to assign the book, you can send the undamaged inspection copy back or pay the invoice.

For more information or to order an inspection copy you can contact our Marketing Department via

Please include the following information in your request:

  • The book title, author, and ISBN
  • Course/Module Name
  • Academic level (e.g. 1st year Bachelor)
  • Name of the institution
  • Start date
  • The number of students
  • The name or names of the instructors teaching the course
  • Address to which the book or pdf should be sent


To request a sample copy of one of our journals, please email
Please include the following details in your request:

  • The name of the journal
  • Your name
  • The address to which the sample copy should be dispatched
  • If applicable: Your position and the name of your institution and department
  • Please check whether your institution already subscribes to the journal you are interested in before submitting your request.

Inspection copies will be sent with an invoice. If you assign the book to your students and order at least twenty copies, you may keep the inspection copy free of charge. In this case, please ignore the invoice.

All review, inspection and sample copies are sent out at the discretion of Amsterdam University Press.