Rights & Permissions

Amsterdam University Press supports wide dissemination of our works.

Author’s Rights

Authors are allowed to publish or re-use (parts of) their own work, under certain conditions. Re-use by the author of figures, data and excerpts is always allowed. For re-use of the entire work (article, chapter, book) please read about Amsterdam University Press’s Self-Archiving and Green Open Access policy. Please contact rights@aup.nl for questions and in all other situations.

Permissions and Translations

If you would like to re-use (part of) an Amsterdam University Press publication that is not published in Open Access with a Creative Commons license that permits you to re-use it as such, and you are not the author, please contact rights@aup.nl. We would like to learn the title, author, the part you would like to re-use, the goal and target group of your publication. If the use is commercial, then please elaborate on the print run and selling price as well.

Please contact rights@aup.nl with all questions concerning the re-use of the works and for information about translation rights.