Resources for Researchers

Researchers affiliated with an institutional library that works with any of the leading providers of academic content will be able to access our publications in physical or digital format.



Our publications are discoverable on the most prominent discovery services. As a researcher, you can find out which libraries have access to AUP's paper and/or digital books via WorldCat.


Our books are discoverable not only on a book level but by chapters too via the interactive discovery platform ScienceOpen. Access our books collection here.

Bibliographic search engines

AUP books are also visible on bibliographic search engines such as Amazon, Google Books, Google Scholar, and on the many other ever-expanding online options.

eBook partner platforms

Our e-content is discoverable via our platform partners:

Open access books collection

There are nearly 700 open access books published by AUP on the OAPEN platform. You can also discover our open access books via JSTOR.



AUP's journals can be found at Developed through Ingenta Edify, this platform offers researchers all the possibilities of digital search and discovery so they can quickly find the content they are looking for. Other benefits include integrated SEO optimization (coordinated with Google Scholar), third-party integrations with tools such as Crossref, XML-first publishing options, DOI hyperlinks, and a first-class experience accessing full screen supplementary materials.

Open access journals collection

We have collected all our open access journals in one place on aup-online.


We work in partnership with Figshare, a web-based platform to help academic institutions manage, disseminate and measure the public attention of all their research outputs. AUP uses their repository software to quickly and efficiently make manuscripts and supplementary data publicly available in the AUP portal, Researchers can also submit their data in an easy-to-use submission system. Content published in the portal benefit from tracked usage metrics - including Altmetrics - clear licencing information, previewed files, a citable digital object identifier (DOI), and more.