Reference Works

Amsterdam University Press publishes several reference works, as online databases, websites and books. Here you will find an overview.

On this page you will find information about:

  • Dutch Etymological Dictionary
  • Dictionary Latin/Dutch
  • Dictionary Greek/Dutch

Dutch Etymological Dictionary

The Dutch Etymological Dictionary (Etymologisch Woordenboek van het Nederlands) traces the meaning of over 14,000 Dutch words back to their origin and development. Based on the latest research conducted for this publication, the dictionary is the new standard for Dutch linguistic studies. The Dutch Etymological Dictionary is available online on The website comprises all the most recent entries and is accessible for licensees only. 

Latin/Dutch Dictionary

The famous Latin-Dutch dictionary in a completely revised seventh edition is also available online. The dictionary features entries with irregular forms with redirections for the reader, a grammar appendix, a detailed list of abbreviations found in entries, a broad vocabulary based on classical texts as well as medical, legal and ecclesiastical documents, and suggestions for translation based on the different contexts in which the word can be found. The website offers a fully searchable online version of the content.