Tijdschrift voor HRM

Tijdschrift voor HRM

Tijdschrift voor HRM bridges the gap between theory and practice, between knowledge and politics. In this way a contribution is made to professionalizing the HR practice in The Netherlands and Flanders. The articles, columns and book reviews are saved in a database that now contains more than 500 items.

Most articles are written by scientists, researchers and advisors. Every article is based on research, sometimes theoretical, mostly empirical scientific research. All articles are peer reviewed. Our target group consists of HR professionals and bachelor and master students. Most of the articles are written in Dutch and have a summary in English.

At IngentaConnect you can find volume 21 and further. Older volumes can be found at the website of Tijdschrift voor HRM.

Tijdschrift voor HRM



For long-term preservation, all issues of this journal are archived at the Dutch National Library.