Win Win Win
Win Win Win
If You Want to Go Far, Go Together
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Win Win Win

If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

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Would you like to build greater trust in your relationships? Discuss this book together.

Trusting relationships are key to economics and life: a student wants to win a prestigious business contest with this insight, but must first prevent her team from falling apart.

Discover a mirror on our way of dealing with others that is not always comfortable, but inspiring and ultimately very rewarding.

Buy this book for yourself or as a gift to help people relate together more effectively.

Daniel Bernardus

Daniel Bernardus is a religious theoretical biologist passionate about helping people find the way to personal growth through non-fiction and stories. He teaches interdisciplinary courses about health at a liberal arts college in Amsterdam. Find out more at

Manon Blanke

Manon Blanke is a media technology student with a passion for storytelling, be it through books, movies, or interactive games.

Lans Bovenberg

Lans Bovenberg is a professor of economics. In 2004, he won the Spinoza prize for his research on environmental taxes. Bovenberg holds the F.J.D Goldschmeding chair on 'Innovation in Economics Teaching' at Tilburg University, since January 2016. He combines this position since January 2019 with a part-time chair as 'Professor of Relational Economics, Values and Leadership' at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

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