Auteurs & redacteuren

Are AUP journals indexed?

Most of our journals are indexed by major services such as Google Scholar, EBSCO and DOAJ. Detailed information about abstracting and indexing can be found on the individual journal pages. For an overview, visit our platform aup-online.com.

As an AUP author/editor/contributor, will I receive a discount on my book?

Yes. AUP authors, including editors of and contributors to edited volumes, are entitled to a 40% discount on the sales price, excluding shipping or applicable sales taxes, on purchases of your book or any other publications by AUP.

As an author/editor/contributor, will I receive complimentary copies of the book?

The number and format of complimentary copies vary from each project, but as a general rule, we supply:

  • Single-author monographs & single-editor volumes: five complimentary copies for the author/editor
  • Double-author monographs & double-editor volumes: three complimentary copies per author/editor
  • Triple-author monographs & triple-editor volumes: two complimentary copies per author/editor

Contributors to edited volumes will either receive one hard-complimentary copy and a PDF of their chapter or the eBook PDF and a PDF of their chapter, depending on the project.

Can I have images in my book?

Depending on your project, we will agree with you at the proposal stage on whether or not you will have images in your book. Images can increase the cost of your project. Extra costs often can be reduced by finding an external subsidy.

Can I publish my book/article on my personal website and/or institutional repository?

This is possible through Green Open Access. We support and actively encourage authors to share an appropriately credited author's version of academic book chapters, monographs and journal articles on institutional repositories, their personal website, and on websites such as ResearchGate or Academia.edu. The author’s version is the manuscript after peer-review and accepted for publication, for instance as Microsoft Word file, RTF or PDF, but not the AUP print proof or final PDF.

Do you publish both print and digital?

Yes. Most of our books are published simultaneously in print and digital format. Our journals are all published online; most also have a printed edition.

Does it cost to publish with AUP?

There is no charge to publish with us. However, depending on your needs and the project, we may ask for a subsidy to cover the extra costs that come with, for example, publishing in non-regular formats, the inclusion of images, or the requirement for special typesetting or extra copyediting. You will be able to discuss with the commissioning editor your needs and whether or not they require a subsidy.

For open access related costs, please visit our open access books and journals pages.

How can I submit a book, book series, journal article or new journal proposal?

If you would like to submit a proposal, please familiarise yourself with our publications to ensure it fits our publishing programme. AUP publish Academic Books, Textbooks, Journals, and Major Reference Works, in both English and Dutch.

Next, please carefully consult our author guides which contain detailed information about the process of submitting a proposal and your manuscript:

If you wish to submit a book series proposal or a new journal, contact Irene van Rossum (i.vanrossum@aup.nl) for more information or to discuss your idea.

How long will it take for my book to be published?

It can take 6 to 8 weeks for your proposal to be submitted and evaluated. If your proposal is accepted, you set a deadline to submit your manuscript. Depending on your book project, it can take approximately a year until publication from the moment that final manuscript is submitted.

Klanten & abonnees

Can I purchase a personal journal subscription?

Most AUP journals offer personal subscriptions to print and online editions. Please see the journal webpage for more information. For an overview, visit aup-online.com. For questions, contact subscriptions@aup.nl.

Can I purchase a single print issue of a journal?

Yes, as long as we have the issue still in stock. Please contact our team directly at subscriptions@aup.nl and/or journals@aup.nl.

Do bookshops receive discounts?

Please contact orders@aup.nl to discuss the discount available to you as a bookshop.

How can I access the Latin/Dutch Dictionary?

The Latin-Dutch Dictionary is available in print and online. The website www.latijnnederlands.nl offers a fully searchable online version of the content. The website is accessible for licensees only. As of 1 January 2021 the prices for the license are:

Individual: € 43.99 a year (incl. vat)
Institute: € 229.99 a year (incl. vat)

With the purchase of a new print dictionary, customers receive three years of free access to the online edition. An access code is included at the beginning of the book.

For subscriptions or questions, please contact subscriptions@aup.nl.

How can I download the eBook I have purchased from your website?

In order to download an eBook, you must install Adobe Digital Editions: www.adobe.com/nl/solutions/ebook/digital-editions/download.html. To access your eBooks with Adobe Digital Editions, take the following steps:

  1. Install the Adobe Digital Editions app.
  2. Log in with your Adobe ID. If you don't have this yet, you can create it in the app.
  3. Click on the download link you received from AUP by email. You will then receive a license in the form of an .acsm file.
  4. Adobe Digital Editions will verify your license and then download the eBook in ePub or PDF format.
  5. You can now start reading.

How can I renew, cancel or change my journal subscription?

Please contact our team directly at subscriptions@aup.nl and/or journals@aup.nl.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Delivery time is dependent on postal services and what you have ordered. Orders of Educational Textbooks, Journals, or Dutch-language Academic Books, are dispatched from the Netherlands. Orders of English-language Academic Books are dispatched from the UK. Due to the ongoing pandemic, delivery may take longer than usual depending on local restrictions.

I am an AUP author, how can I order extra copies of my book?

Please contact orders@aup.nl and our team will explain the process of ordering more copies of your book.

What is your return policy?

Returns are only possible in the case of a damaged product, or one which had not been ordered. For full details on our return policy, please read 8.2 of our Terms and Conditions.

Will Brexit affect my order with AUP?

Effective February 1st 2021, our distributor, IPS UK, ship to EU customers under DAP incoterms, which means it is the customer's responsibility to clear customs and pay any relevant taxes. The import fee is approximately 20-25 EUR for orders up to 150 EUR and increases with the value of your order. This fee can vary from country to country, according to their customs and tax structures. Additionally, UPS, the carrier that delivers our books, charges customers an extra cost of £4.15 per carton as their fee for import administration costs.

This new system is unfortunately out of our control. However, we are in regular talks with IPS UK to closely monitor the situation and find improvements in distributing into the EU.

Dutch-language books and eBooks are not affected.

Verkoop & marketing

Are AUP books available worldwide?

Yes. As well as worldwide e-book availability, we work with dedicated representatives for our English-language print books in all key markets. We have print-on-demand facilities in the UK and the US, ensuring our books are always available.

Our Dutch-language books are distributed in the Netherlands and Belgium, with international orders possible, by logistics experts CB.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer our authors a 40% discount on their book or any other AUP publications, as well as a 20% discount upon the book's publication to share with friends and colleagues. For conferences, we offer up to 40% discount on selected books and regularly have subject-related promotions.

Discounts for bookshops or other retailers can be discussed with your supplier or with us directly at orders@aup.nl.

How can I request a review or inspection copy?

If you are a journal or magazine and wish to publish a review of one of our books or a lecturer considering using our books for a course, contact marketing@aup.nl with your request.

Please note, due to changing post-Brexit import fees, we are no longer able to send out print review copies to the European Union. Thank you for understanding.

For more detailed information, please visit our review copy policy.

How will you promote my (e-)book?

AUP's marketing strategy is designed to reach scholars, specialists, and readers effectively through cultivated distribution of information. To serve the needs of our authors and the wider research community, we offer a flexible approach that is nonetheless grounded in the global dissemination of rich metadata for all our paper and electronic publications.

More detailed information can be found here.

Where and when will my book be available?

Our books and journals are available on our website. English-language books are also available on the websites of our international distributors Wiley & Sons Ltd and Baker & Taylor Publisher Services.

Our eBooks are catalogued and available to access from several major platforms, including Cambridge Core, De Gruyter, EBSCO, Ebrary/Proquest and JSTOR.

AUP books are also visible on all major online retailers and bibliographic search engines such as Bol.com, Amazon, Google Books, Google Scholar, Adlibris, Barnes and Noble, and on the many other ever-expanding online options.

AUP journals are visible and accessible on our state-of-the-art platform aup-online.

Your publication is typically available on these websites once it has entered the production stage and the metadata is disseminated to our partners. For more information, visit www.aup.nl/en/publish/sales-and-marketing.

Open Access

Do you offer marketing for Open Access publications?

Yes. Our Open Access Books and Journals receive the same rigour of marketing as our non-OA publications.

Does AUP support Green Open Access?

AUP is supportive of Green Open Access initiatives and encourage authors to share the author’s version of their book chapters, monographs or journal articles in institutional repositories, their personal website and on Mendeley, ResearchGate or Academia.edu and similar outlets. AUP has no embargos for Green Open Access.

The author’s version is the manuscript after peer-review and accepted for publication, for instance as Microsoft Word file, RTF or PDF, but not the AUP print proof or final PDF.

When you share this version, please credit the original record as the book listed on the AUP website. Please include the ISBN for the book to make it easy for readers to cite the article, book chapter or monograph. For journals, please credit the article’s version of record: this is the article in the original journal on www.aup-online.com. Please include the DOI (digital object identifier) for chapters and journal articles (which looks like this: dx.doi.org/10.5117/XXX.X.XXX) to make it easy for readers to cite the article.

Only if your contribution is published as Immediate Open Access, you are free to share the official version of the PDF.

What are my Open Access publishing options at AUP?


It is possible to publish your book as Sponsored Open Access through your institute, funder, government or society. We also offer Immediate Open Access and are supportive of Green Open Access initiatives. For more detailed information, click here.


All full Open Access journals offer OA without author charges. For our hybrid (subscription) journals we can make a single article OA for a small fee (author processing charge). For more detailed information, click here.

Where can my Open Access book, journal or article be accessed and downloaded?