AUP launches book series with Prado Museum

AUP is delighted to launch a trail-blazing new book series with Prado Museum in Madrid.
AUP launches book series with Prado Museum
The Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia, Ca. 1615. Oil on canvas, courtesy of Museo del Prado

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the prestigious Prado Museum on a new and ambitious book series: Gender and Art in the Museum: The Prado Collection. This series delves into the intersection of gender, art, and history, providing a new perspective on Prado’s world-renowned collection.

Gender and Art in the Museum explores the significant yet often overlooked contributions of women in the art world. This is the first time a museum is devoting a series of studies to examining the formation and evolution of its collections from a gender perspective.

One of the main goals of this unique series is to understand the complex and multi-layered interaction between women and the evolution of a major national museum. It will include new studies focused on female artists’ production and their presence or absence in museum rooms. But it will go beyond these established topics to examine the link between the formation of the collections of the Prado Museum and women patrons. It will also commission work on women who inspired and received works of art that were incorporated into the collections, not forgetting the contribution of women in technical and ancillary roles.

The innovative approach of this book series will extend the range of current studies, exploring new areas of research and offering new insights on the creation of female networks, and the exchange and promotion of art and artists.

The series will be edited by Noelia García Pérez from the Universidad de Murcia. The editorial board includes prominent researchers from Spain and around the world.

Read more about the series, here.

vrijdag 14 juni 2024