Bruce Elleman

Bruce A. Elleman is William V. Pratt Professor of International History in the Center for Naval Warfare Studies, US Naval War College, with a MSc in International History from LSE (1985) and a PhD in History from Columbia University (1993). His specialisation includes Chinese, Japanese, and Russian history, East Asian international relations, Sino-Soviet diplomatic history, and Chinese military history. He is the author of Diplomacy and Deception: The Secret History of Sino-Soviet Diplomatic Relations, 1917–1927 (1997); Modern Chinese Warfare, 1795–1989 (2001, translated into Chinese); Wilson and China: A Revised History of the Shan.dong Question (2002); plus co-editor, with Stephen Kotkin and Clive Schofield, of Beijing’s Power and China’s Border: Twenty Neighbors in Asia (2013).