The Abe Experiment and the Future of Japan
The Abe Experiment and the Future of Japan
Don’t Repeat History
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Foreword by Yamaguchi Jr.
Translator’s Preface
Chapter 1. Should the Aim be to Prevent Constitutional Revision?
Chapter 2. Why was Post-war Pacifism Defective?
Chapter 3. Is there a Political Elite in Japan?
Chapter 4. Is the Liberal Democratic Party Really Tough?
Chapter 5. Why Can’t We Tackle Reduction in Inequalities?
Chapter 6. Where Should Japan Go From Here?
Afterword by Banno Junji

Junji Banno, Jiro Yamaguchi

The Abe Experiment and the Future of Japan

Don’t Repeat History

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With an author’s Foreword written on the day that the Abe cabinet decided to ‘revise the Japanese Constitution by reinterpretation’ (Tuesday, 1 July 2014), this timely examination of Japan’s post-war history by two leading historians committed to democratic politics is highly instructive and prompts serious reflection by anyone concerned with the future of Japan. Originally published in Japan by Iwanami Shinsho, The Abe Experiment and the Future of Japan, records a wide-ranging dialogue between two eminent Japanese scholars – Junji Banno, a political historian, and Jir? Yamaguchi, a political scientist – regarding Japan’s modern political history. The focus of the conversation is on what they perceive as disturbing parallels between the 1930s and the recent policy trajectory of the Abe government, in which relations with Japan’s immediate neighbours have seriously deteriorated. The translation is by the distinguished Oxford scholar and author Arthur Stockwin, formerly Director of the Nissan Institute.

Junji Banno

Professor Junji Banno was born in Yokohama in 1937. In 1963, he graduated from the Department of Japanese history within the Faculty of Humanities. He was appointed Professor at the Institute of Social Science of Tokyo University.

Jiro Yamaguchi

Professor Jir. Yamaguchi was born in 1958 in Okayama. After graduating from the Law Faculty of Tokyo University, he was for many years Professor in the Faculty of Law at Hokkaid. University. In 2014, he moved to Tokyo, to join the Faculty of Hosei University.