Researching Cinema and Media Technologies, their Development, Use and Impact
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Editorial 9 Acknowledgments 11 Introduction: Researching Cinema and Media Technologies 15 Annie van den Oever PART I Philosophy of Technology: Reassessing Key Questions The Philosophy of Technology in the Frame of Film Theory: Walter Benjamin's Contribution 29 Dominique Chateau Toward an Archaeology of the Cinema/Technology Relation: From Mechanization to "Digital Cinema" 51 Benoît Turquety Techn? and Poi?sis: On Heidegger and Film Theory 67 Robert Sinnerbrink Stiegler's Post-Phenomenological Account of Mediated Experience 83 Patrick Crogan What Are Media? 95 Lambert Wiesing PART II Cinema and Media Technologies: Hardware, Software, Wetware The "History of Vision" Debate Revisited 107 Annemone Ligensa Will the 3D Revolution Happen? A Brief Perspective on the Long History of Stereoscopy (with Special Thanks to Eisenstein and Bazin) 117 Ian Christie Television's Many Technologies: Domesticity, Governmentality, Genealogy 139 Markus Stauff Postmodern Hi-fi vs. Post-Cool Lo-fi: An Epistemological War 157 Laurent Jullier PART III Cinema and Media Technologies: A Historical Context Marey's Gun: Apparatuses of Capture and the Operational Image 171 Pasi Väliaho Re-editing as Psychotechnique: Montage and Mediality in Early Soviet Cinema 179 Malte Hagener Technophobia and Italian Film Theory in the Interwar Period 187 Francesco Pitassio Jean-Luc Godard's HISTOIRE(S) DU CINÉMA: Cogito Ergo Video 199 Céline Scemama Performativity/Expressivity: The Mobile Micro Screen and Its Subject 211 Nanna Verhoeff and Heidi Rae Cooley PART IV Discussions: Revisiting the Past Rethinking the Materiality of Technical Media: Friedrich Kittler, Enfant Terrible with a Rejuvenating Effect on Parental Discipline - A Dialogue 223 Geoffrey Winthrop-Young and Annie van den Oever Revisiting Christian Metz's "Apparatus Theory" - A Dialogue 245 Martin Lefebvre and Annie van den Oever PART V Envisioning the Future The Future History of a Vanishing Medium 265 André Gaudreault Experimental Media Archaeology: A Plea for New Directions 277 Andreas Fickers and Annie van den Oever Notes 285 General Bibliography 339 Notes on Contributors 367 Index of Names 373 Index of Film Titles 421 Index of Subjects 423

Annie van den Oever


Researching Cinema and Media Technologies, their Development, Use and Impact

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Technè/Technology is the up-to-date critical volume on the theories, philosophies, and debates on technology and their productivity for the fi elds of fi lm and media studies. Comprehensive as well as innovative, it is not organized around a single thesis — except the assertion that technique is a major concern for fi lm and media scholars, whether this is approached in terms of philosophy, techno-aesthetics, semiotics, apparatus theory, (new) fi lm history, media archaeology, the industry or the sensory/cognitive experience.
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Annie van den Oever

Annie van den Oever, Extraordinary Professor for Film and Visual Media, University of the Free State; University of Groningen. Series editor of The Key Debates.