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Women in the Silent Cinema
Women in the Silent Cinema
Histories of Fame and Fate
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"This study offers three comprehensive and knowledgeable monographs in one book. It includes the first long academic treatment of Musidora in English while also offering an exhaustive amount of factual evidence presented through careful explanations, interpretations and argumentation. *Women in the Silent Cinema: Histories of Fame and Fate* is a most valuable and groundbreaking reference for any further research on women’s positions and authorship in the international film industry of the 1910s and 1920s." - Martin Loiperdinger, University of Trier, Germany "This publication is the first study on Musidora, actress, director and woman of letters, published outside of France. We met her [Annette Förster] in Bologna, Italy, June 2017 at the Festival Il Cinema Rítrovato, which she has been collaborating with for several years now. She is giving us the honour to publish, in French, a presentation of her work, especially for the Friends of Musidora. Thank You Annette!" - Yvon Dupart, *Cahiers Musidora* no. 2 (originally published in French) "This book is for anyone who wants to keep their historiographical perspective on the popular culture of early and classical modernism alive - proving once again that everywhere (and down to the level of individual biographies) one must reckon with cultural-traditional and creative interpretations to really understand the range of the individual forms of performance and also the entire popular cultural landscape of the time." - Peter Ellenbruch, *Medienwissenschaft* (originally published in German) "*Women in the Silent Cinema* illuminates the mechanisms that governed the early film industry in Netherlands, France and the United States, presenting research findings pragmatically, and clearly explaining their significance [...] This is an excellent, meticulously developed source, and the accessible style of Förster’s writing — as well as her avoidance of unnecessary jargon — will make it appealing to non-specialized readership." - Agata Frymus, *Early Popular Visual Culture* "Förster is painstaking in locating the women's careers in personal, theatrical, literary, and cinematic context, and she does especially well in reconstructing their lost films. An amazing book!" - *Choice Reviews*, W.A. Vincent, Michigan State University. Also [Included in Choice's annual Outstanding Academic Titles list for 2017!](

Annette Förster

Women in the Silent Cinema

Histories of Fame and Fate

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This magisterial book offers comprehensive accounts of the professional itineraries of three women in the silent film in the Netherlands, France and North America. Annette Förster presents a careful assessment of the long career of Dutch stage and film actress Adriënne Solser; an exploration of the stage and screen careers of French actress and filmmaker Musidora and Canadian-born actress and filmmaker Nell Shipman; an analysis of the interaction between the popular stage and the silent cinema from the perspective of women at work in both realms; fresh insights into Dutch stage and screen comedy, the French revue and the American Northwest drama of the 1910s; and much more, all grounded in a wealth of archival research.

Annette Förster

Annette Förster is a media historian and film curator specialized in women in film history.