Borderland City in New India
Borderland City in New India
Frontier to Gateway
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Maps Glossary of Non-English Terms Preface Acknowledgments 1. Introduction Part I 2. New India, New Northeast 3. Space and hegemony in Aizawl and Imphal Part II 4. Look East: connecting to Asia 5. Look West: connecting to India 6. Plural cities, ethnocentric polities 7. Small spaces: creativity, intimacy, and belonging Conclusion References

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"In this outstanding book, McDuie-Ra lays bare the dynamics of Imphal, the capital city of Manipur in North East India. It is a city of contradictions-disturbed, sensitive, fragmented, yet also a nexus of liberalization, a corridor to Southeast Asia, and a locus of development. Through a brilliant spatial ethnography, McDuie-Ra takes us inside this fraught space, outlining the dilemmas and possibilities of everyday life, the contradictions and erosions of rule, and the confused dynamic of transition from unruly frontier to gateway city. In doing so, he offers a theoretically nuanced and empirically dynamic study of urbanization in one of India's most critical yet little-understood borderlands." -- Jason Cons, University of Texas and author of Sensitive Space: Fragmented Territory at the India-Bangladesh Border (Univ Washington Press)

"Imphal is a sensitive space with high density of danger and opportunity. Heterogeneity of race, class, creed, and conviction, defines the city, and trajectories of wealth and poverty develop in a context of identity politics and claims to rights, of law, illegality, violence, and exclusion. With a subtle sense of humour, and fine sensibility to scale, Duncan McDuie-Ra, analyses Imphal's transformation from an unruly frontier town in Northeast India to a market gateway to China, Burma, and beyond. The cast is a motley crew. Politicians and shop owners, insurgents and soldiers, public intellectuals, cinema celebrities and 'ordinary folk', young women in yellow and purple nurses' uniforms and young men with spiked hair, all aspire to make the most of the contingency of change. The book captures not merely the unique flavour of Imphal but equally the generic zest of urban space in the global south." -- Christian Lund, University of Copenhagen and author of Local Politics and the Dynamics of Property in Africa (Cambridge University Press 2008)

"[Borderland City in New India] is a comprehensive study of life in a borderland city. It breaks many myths prevalent in rest of India about the border city, and also highlights how various factors shape the life of people, how they survive in the most difficult circumstances and what the state is doing to improve the life of people and how they survive." - Jay Singh - Assistant Professor of Indian and World Literatures, English and Foreign Languages University in Hyderabad

"This is an outstanding ethnography of residents' (across the ethnic spectrum) daily struggles to live, work, and simply make do in contemporary Imphal. ... Lucidly written and laced with subtle humour, this book brings alive the cityscape - cinemas converted into warehouses, construction sites, neighbourhoods, markets, memorials, and many of the roads in between." - Sahana Ghosh, Yale University, USA

Duncan McDuie-Ra

Borderland City in New India

Frontier to Gateway

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While India has been a popular subject of scholarly analysis in the past decade, the majority of that attention has been focused on its major cities. This volume instead explores contemporary urban life in a smaller city located in India's Northeast borderland at a time of dramatic change, showing how this city has been profoundly affected by armed conflict, militarism, displacement, interethnic tensions, and the expansion of neoliberal capitalism.

Duncan McDuie-Ra

Duncan McDuie-Ra is professor of Urban Sociology at University of Newcastle, Australia. His most recent sole-authored books are Borderland City in New India (2016), Debating Race in Contemporary India (2015), and Northeast Migrants in Delhi: Race, Refuge and Retail (2012).