Accelerators in Silicon Valley
Accelerators in Silicon Valley
Building Successful Startups
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Foreword by Vish Mishra Acknowledgements Respondents and Key Features of Participating Accelerators 1. Silicon Valley: The DNA of an Entrepreneurial Region Introduction Europe and Silicon Valley Accelerators: pillars of Silicon Valley's startup support infrastructure Accelerators: role, research & results Methodology Overview 2. Innovation and Startups in Silicon Valley: An Ecosystem Approach Modeling the Valley's ecosystem The model in more detail The micro level: product, people & pivot The meso level: capital, universities, government & support networks The macro level: culture, culture, culture 3. Unique Selling Points: Accelerator Philosophy, Business Model & Cooperation Incubators versus accelerators Core philosophy & focus Business model External cooperation Conclusion 4. Strong Teams Will Win: How Accelerators Select and Coach Startup Teams Selection procedure Mentoring Conclusion 5. Working on a Dream: Accelerator Startup Programs General and specialized accelerators Accelerating platforms Conclusion 6. Accelerator Darlings, Challenges & Future Plans Success, failure, and showcases Challenges and future plans Conclusion 7. What Can Europe Learn From Silicon Valley Accelerators? Summary: main findings, main lessons Bridging Europe's innovation gap Accelerator decision tool: 10 basic questions Final thoughts Notes Glossary References Appendix 1. Interviewed Silicon Valley Accelerator Founders & Chief Executives Appendix 2. Questionnaire Personal Interviews Silicon Valley Accelerators

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"A must read for anyone interested in how Silicon Valley launches and grows startups." - Naomi Kokubo, Co-Founder and COO of Founders Space

"Entrepreneurs are not just dreamers. They are doers. Dive in, and surround yourself with good people who will support your journey. This inspiring book will help you." - Prem Talreja, Vice-President of Marketing at The Fabric

"Peter Ester did a great job in telling the story of Silicon Valley accelerators. I highly recommend this book." - Danielle D'Agostaro, Partner and COO at Alchemist Accelerator

"Excellent insights into the world of accelerators in Silicon Valley." - Emily Kirsch, Co-Founder and CEO at Powerhouse

"Outstanding study of how accelerators empower startup teams." - Saeed Amidi, Founder and CEO of Plug and Play

Peter Ester

Accelerators in Silicon Valley

Building Successful Startups

Silicon Valley is the world's most successful innovation region. Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Uber, and Airbnb changed our way of living. Silicon Valley has built a brilliant ecosystem that supports startups. Its entrepreneurial mindset fosters risk-taking, thinking big, and sharing.

A fast growing number of accelerators in Silicon Valley help startups by bringing their product to the market, refining their business idea, developing their product, strengthening their team, designing a marketing strategy, getting first customers and traction, raising funds, and coping with the hardships of startup life.

In Accelerators in Silicon Valley Peter Ester describes how these 'schools of startup entrepreneurship' operate and empower startups. What can we learn from how Silicon Valley accelerators help startups to become successful companies? This book gives the answer. Accelerators in Silicon Valley is a book for those who share a fascination for building the new startup economy.

Peter Ester

Peter Ester is Professor of Human Capital & Entrepreneurship at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.