The Chinese Communist Youth League
The Chinese Communist Youth League
Juniority and Responsiveness in a Party Youth Organization
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List of tables
Chapter 1: Introduction
Scope and importance of the study
The challenge: reversing the legacy of an uneasy relationship
Enter Hu Jintao: "Keep the Party Assured and the Youth Satisfied"
Beyond dependency: "Youth" as a junior political subject
Researching the League
Organization of the book
Chapter 1 references
Chapter 2: "Juniority" and the generational subordination of party youth organizations
Circumventing dependency: cadre agency and responsiveness
Youth leagues and generational politics
Generational subordination and juniority
Chapter 2 references
Chapter 3: The League on Campus
Joining the League
Grassroots League Committees and Cadres
League Activities on Campus
The View from Below: The League's Evaluation by Students
Chapter 3 references
Chapter 4: The League in the workplace
Locating "Youth" and the League in the Chinese workplace
Deregulated labor and League membership
"Building the League through building the Party"
The League's activities: between the party committee and the management
Serving and representing young employees
Chapter 4 references
Chapter 5: Training Youth Cadres
Organizational aspirations and personnel realities
The Central League School: training generalist cadres
The League School at the grassroots
Improving training at the local level
Personnel exchange and recognition programs
Chapter 5 references
Chapter 6 - In Search of Responsiveness
Youth Work Norms
Serving youth in practice
Relations with social organizations
Chapter 6 references
Conclusion: From Hu to Xi
The League as a dependent and junior organization
The League under Xi: factional considerations or a new mission?
Juniority beyond the League
Conclusion references
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Konstantinos Tsimonis

The Chinese Communist Youth League

Juniority and Responsiveness in a Party Youth Organization

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The Chinese Communist Youth League is the largest youth political organization in the world, with over 80 million members. Former Chinese President Hu Jintao was a firm supporter of the League, and believed that it could play a bigger role in winning the hearts and minds of Chinese youth by actively engaging with their interests and demands. Accordingly, he provided the League with a new youth work mandate to increase its capacity for responsiveness under the slogan 'keep the Party assured and the youth satisfied'. This original investigation of the hitherto-unexamined organization uses a combination of interviews, surveys and ethnography to explore how the League implemented Hu's mandate at both local and national levels, exposing the contradictory nature of some of its campaigns. By doing so, it also sheds light on the reasons for Xi Jinping's turn against the League during his first term in office.

The Chinese Communist Youth League: Juniority and Responsiveness in a Party Youth Organization develops the original concept of 'juniority' to capture the complex ways that generational power is institutionalized, alienating young people from official political processes, with significant implications for China's political development. The book will be of interest to researchers and students of Chinese politics, as well as to scholars of comparative youth politics and sociology.
€ 98,99
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Konstantinos Tsimonis

Dr Konstantinos Tsimonis is a Lecturer in Chinese Society at the Lau China Institute, King's College London.