Contemporary Rhetorical Citizenship
Contemporary Rhetorical Citizenship
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Rhetorical Citizenship as a Conceptual Frame: What We Talk About When We Talk About Rhetorical Citizenship
christian kock and lisa villadsen
part i Rhetorical Criticism from the Viewpoint of Rhetorical Citizenship
Is Rhetorical Criticism Subversive of Democracy?
david zarefsky
On Rhetorical Ethos and Personal Deeds: A 2011 Spanish
Public Controversy
paula olmos
The Hunt for Promises in Danish Political Debate charlotte jørgensen
“Keep[ing] Profits at a Reasonably Low Rate”: Invoking American Civil Religion in FDR’s Rhetoric of Tax Equity and Citizenship nathalie kuroiwa-lewis
Yarn Bombing: Claiming Rhetorical Citizenship in Public Spaces maureen daly goggin
On Trees: Protest between the Symbolic and the Material kati hannken-illjes
“Cicero Would Love This Show”: The Celebration of Rhetoric and Citizenship in The West Wing
anne ulrich
Contemporary Rhetorical Citizenship.indd 5 28-11-14 12:49
part ii Studies in the Practice and Cultivation of Rhetorical Citizenship Rhetorical Citizenship in Public Meetings: The Character of Religious Expression in American Discourse
karen tracy
Voice, Listening, and Telling Stories: The Communicative Construction of Rhetorical Citizenship in Small Groups
carolyne lee and judy burnside-lawry
Argumentative Literacy and Rhetorical Citizenship: The Case of Genetically Modified Food in the Institutional Setting of a Greek Primary School
fotini egglezou
“People Power” in Philippine Presidential Rhetoric: (Re)framing Democratic Participation in Post-authoritarian Regimes gene segarra navera
On Being a Simple Judge: Exploring Rhetorical Citizenship in Aristotelian and Homeric Rhetorics
mari lee mifsud
The Rhetorical Citizen: Enacting Agency
raymie e. mckerrow
part iii Crossing Borders, Disciplinary, Political and Otherwise Online Civic Participation, Discourse Analysis and Rhetorical Citizenship
peter dahlgren
“A Stowaway of Emigration”: Polarization in Hafid Bouazza’s Work hilde van belle
Extending Civic Rhetoric: Valuing Rhetorical Dimensions of Global Citizenship in Civic Education
rebecca a. kuehl
Contemporary Rhetorical Citizenship.indd 6 28-11-14 12:49
Rhetorical Citizenship beyond the Frontiers of Capitalism: Marx Reloaded and the Dueling Myths of the Commodity and the Common
catherine chaput
A Game with Words: Rhetorical Citizenship and Game Theory
tom deneire, david eelbode and jeroen lauwers
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Lisa Villadsen, Christian Kock (red.)

Contemporary Rhetorical Citizenship

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"Being a citizen is not just about holding a passport or being allowed to vote. It is also about how we communicate with each other about common societal issues. Rhetorical citizenship is about how we as citizens participate in society by means of discourse. How do we talk and write about civic issues? How are we addressed? How do we listen? This book presents studies from different academic fields of theoretical issues raised by public discourse, focusing on understanding and evaluating how its many manifestations both reflect, shape, and challenge the society it is a part of. The book also presents analyses of examples from around the world of civic communication, ranging from public hearings about same-sex marriage over polemical letters to the editor to public displays of knitting as a protest form."

Lisa Villadsen

Lisa Villadsen is Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Head of the Section of Rhetoric and Head of Studies in the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen.

Christian Kock

Christian Kock is Professor of Rhetoric at the University of Copenhagen.