Autumntide of the Middle Ages
Autumntide of the Middle Ages
A study of forms of life and thought of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in France and the Low Countries
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Translator’s note
Autumntide of the Middle Ages by Johan Huizinga
Huizinga's prefaces to the first five Dutch editions
1 Life’s Fierceness
2 The Yearning for a Finer Life
3 The Hierarchical Conception of Society
4 The Notion of Knighthood
5 Dreams of Heroic Deeds and Love
6 Chivalric Orders and Knightly Vows
7 The Significance of the Chivalric Ideal in Warfare and Statecraft
8 The Stylization of Love
9 The Proprieties of Love
10 The Idyllic Image of Life
11 The Image of Death
12 The Representation of All Things Holy
13 Types of Religious Life
14 Religious Emotion and the Religious Imagination
15 Symbolism Withered
16 Realism and the Defeat of the Imagination in Mysticism
17 Forms of Thought in Practical Life
18 Art in Life
19 The Sense of Beauty
20 The Image and the Word
21 The Word and the Image
22 The Coming of the New Form
Original Citations
Epilogue: From Herfsttij to Autumntide by Graeme Small
Translated sources consulted
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“The edition is gorgeous – solidly bound with thick paper, and with high-quality illustrations of most, if not all, the works of art Huizinga mentions in his text, plus others. At the same time, the edition has been produced to a high scholarly standard. It includes all of Huizinga’s original prefaces, notes, timeline, and a reconstructed bibliography of works cited by the author.” - Benjamin Kaplan in The Low Countries

Graeme Small, Anton van der Lem (red.)

Autumntide of the Middle Ages

A study of forms of life and thought of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in France and the Low Countries

De onderstaande tekst is niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands en wordt in het Engels weergegeven.
This new English translation of Huizinga’s Autumntide of the Middle Ages (Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen) celebrates the centenary of a book that still ranks as one of the most perceptive and in¿uential analyses of the late medieval period. Its wide-ranging discussion of fourteenth and ¿fteenth century France and the Low Countries makes it a classic study of life, culture, and thought in medieval society. The new and now unabridged translation of the original text captures the impact of Huizinga’s deep scholarship and powerful language. The translation is based on the Dutch edition of 1941 – the last edition Huizinga worked on. It features English renderings of the Middle French poems and other contemporary sources, and its colour illustrations include over three hundred paintings and prints, illuminated manuscripts, and miniatures pertinent to Huizinga’s discourse. A complete bibliography of Huizinga’s sources will facilitate further research, while an epilogue addresses the meaning and enduring importance of this classic work.

Graeme Small

Graeme Small is Professor of Medieval History at Durham University and the author of several books, including George Chastelain and the Shaping of Valois Burgundy as well as Court and Civic Society in the Burgundian Low Countries (with Andrew Brown) and Late Medieval France.

Anton van der Lem

Anton van der Lem, a leading expert on Huizinga, has written or edited many articles and books, including the recently published Rereading Huizinga. It was at his suggestion that Leiden University Press decided to publish this first full-text translation from the original Dutch into English, and he set the standard with his Dutch centenary edition of Herfsttij. A fellow of Leiden University Libraries, he is the editor of