The Lives of Cold War Afro-Asianism
The Lives of Cold War Afro-Asianism
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction: The Lives of Cold War Afro-Asianism (Su Lin Lewis and Carolien Stolte )
2. Here and There, a Story of Women’s Internationalism, 1948-1953 (Elisabeth Armstrong)
3. Résistantes Against the Colonial Order: Women’s Grassroots Diplomacy during the French War in Vietnam, 1945-1954 (Adeline Broussan)
4. Asian Socialism and the Forgotten Architects of Postcolonial Freedom (Su Lin Lewis)
5. Where was the ‘Afro’ in Afro-Asian Solidarity? Africa’s Bandung Moment in 1950s Asia (Gerard McCann)
6. Asia as a Third Way? J.C. Kumarappa and the Problem of Development in Asia (Yasser Nasser)
7. Delhi versus Bandung: Local Anti-Imperialists and the Afro-Asian Stage (Carolien Stolte)
8. Building Egypt’s Afro-Asian Hub: Infrastructures of Solidarity in 1950s Cairo (Reem Abou-El-Fadl)
9. Soviet “Afro-Asians” in UNESCO: Re-Orienting World History and Humanism (Hanna Jansen)
10. A Forgotten Bandung: The Afro-Asian Students Conference and the Call for Decolonisation (Wildan Sena Utama)
11. Dispatches from Havana: The Cold War, Afro-Asian Solidarities, and Culture Wars in Pakistan (Ali Raza)
12. Microphone Revolution: North Korean Cultural Diplomacy During the Liberation of Southern Africa (Tycho van der Hoog)
13. Eqbal Ahmad: an Affective Reading of Afro-Asianism (Amza Adam)
14. Passports to the Postcolonial World: Space and Mobility in Francisca Fanggidaej’s Afro-Asian Journeys (Taomo Zhou)
Epilogue: Afro-Asianism Revisited (Naoko Shimazu)
About the Authors

Carolien Stolte, Su Lin Lewis (red.)

The Lives of Cold War Afro-Asianism

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The Afro-Asianism of the early Cold War has long remained buried under the narrative of Bandung, homogenising and subverting the different visions of post-colonial worldmaking that co-existed alongside the Bandung project. This book turns the lens on these other visions, and the transnational interactions which emerged from various other gatherings of the 1950s and 1960s that existed beyond the realm of high diplomacy, while blurring the lines between state and non-state projects. It examines how Afro-Asianism was lived by activists, intellectuals, cultural figures, as well as political leaders in building a post-imperial world – particularly women. As a whole, this collection of essays examines the diversity of Afro-Asian ideals that emerged through such movements, untangling the personal relationships, political competition, racial hierarchies, and solidarities that shaped them. By visualising political Afro-Asianism and its proponents as a living network, a fuller picture of decolonization and the Cold War is brought into view.

Carolien Stolte

Carolien Stolte is Senior Lecturer at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Her research focuses on the international history of South Asia. She co-led, with Su-Lin Lewis, the AHRC Research Network “Afro-Asian Networks in the Early Cold War".

Su Lin Lewis

Su Lin Lewis is Associate Professor in Modern Global History at the University of Bristol.  Her monograph, Cities in Motion: Urban Life and Cosmopolitanism in Southeast Asia 1920-1940 was published by Cambridge in 2016. She co-led, with Carolien Stolte, the AHRC Research Network “Afro-Asian Networks in the Early Cold War”.