Migration and Integration in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia
Migration and Integration in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia
A Comparative Perspective
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Contents 5 List of Tables and figures 7 Acknowledgements 9 1 Introduction 11 The comparative study of migration flows Juliet Pietsch 2 Shifting migration flows and integration policies in Europe 25 An overview Pawe› Kaczmarczyk, Magdalena Lesiñska & Marek Okólski 3 Public opinion towards new migration flows in Europe and the increasing role of the EU 45 Juliet Pietsch 4 Shifting dilemmas 57 Multiculturalism and integration policies in Europe James Jupp 5 Malaysia 75 Labour migration, irregular movements and regional policies Amarjit Kaur 6 Labour migration flows and regional integration in Southeast Asia 99 Marshall Clark 7 Transiting asylum seekers in Indonesia 115 Between human rights protection and criminalisation Antje Missbach 8 Abrogating human rights responsibilities 137 Australia’s asylum-seeker policy at home and abroad Linda Briskman & Victoria Mason PROEF 2 9 Courting disaster? 161 Regional agreements for ‘protection elsewhere’ and the courts Penelope Mathew 10 Maritime pathways 187 Temporary migration flows from Indonesia to Australia Marshall Clark & Dedi Supriadi Adhuri Bibliography 203 Contributors 227

Recensies en Artikelen

"This collection of essays offers a clear overvies on the migration debate, from a historical perspective to the new challenges we are facing" - Volkskunde Tijdschrift (review originally in Dutch)

Juliet Pietsch, Marshall Clark

Migration and Integration in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia

A Comparative Perspective

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This volume brings together a group of scholars from a wide range of disciplines to address crucial questions of migration flows and integration in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Comparative analysis of the three regions and their differing approaches and outcomes yields important insights for each region, as well as provokes new questions and suggests future avenues of study.

Juliet Pietsch

Juliet Pietsch is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Politics and International Relations, Australian National University.

Marshall Clark

Marshall Clark is a Senior Lecturer at the Research School of Humanities and the Arts of the Australian National University in Canberra.