Surveying Ethnic Minorities and Immigrant Populations
Surveying Ethnic Minorities and Immigrant Populations
Methodological Challenges and Research Strategies
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Surveying Ethnic Minorities and Immigrant Populations Methodological Challenges and Research Strategies - 4 Table of Contents - 6 Preface - 10 1 Introduction: The methodological challenges of surveying populations of immigrant origin - 12 PART I SAMPLING ISSUES - 44 2 Designing high-quality surveys of ethnic minority groups in the United Kingdom - 46 3 The 2007 Spanish National Immigrant Survey(ENI1): Sampling from the Padro´n - 70 4 Enhancing representativeness in highly dynamic settings: Lessons from the NEPIA survey - 86 PART II FIELDWORK AND RESPONSE RATES - 110 5 The influence of interviewers’ ethnic background in a survey among Surinamese in the Netherlands - 112 6 Surveying migrants and migrant associations in Stockholm - 132 7 Comparing the response rates of autochthonous and migrant populations in nominal sampling surveys: The LOCALMULTIDEM study in Madrid - 148 8 Non-response among immigrants in Denmark - 174 PART III INCLUDING IMMIGRANTS IN GENERAL POPULATION SOCIAL SURVEYS - 194 9 Immigration and general population surveys in Spain: The CIS surveys - 196 10 An evaluation of Spanish questions on the 2006 and 2008 US General Social Surveys - 220 11 Under-representation of foreign minorities in cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys in Switzerland - 242 CONCLUSIONS - 270 12 Surveying immigrant populations: Methodological strategies, good practices and open questions - 272 List of contributors - 292

Recensies en Artikelen

'Even survey methodologists and researchers who are not directly concerned with immigration as such will gain from reading the book and keeping it as reference.'
-- Howard Schuman, University of Michigan

'This book is a must read for students and researchers who take serious the real technical and methodological challenges in surveying ethnic minorities and immigrant populations.'
-- Marc Swyngedouw, University of Leuven

'A good introduction to survey research on migrants for researchers and students alike.' -- Albert Kraler, International Centre for Migration Policy Development>

'The book is an original and valuable [...] contribution ot the literature on survey methodology'
-- N. Sander, Vienna INstitute of Demography, Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital

Mónica Méndez, Joan Font (red.)

Surveying Ethnic Minorities and Immigrant Populations

Methodological Challenges and Research Strategies

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What are the special problems involved in surveying immigrant populations and ethnic minorities? How can we ensure adequate representation of these growing groups in general population surveys? This book is the first to address these challenges in a systematic way. Experiences from eight Western countries, involving more than a dozen surveys, are used to explore difficulties in designing these types of surveys and some of the choices made to deal with them. The rich array of cases covered gives rise to valuable lessons, from local and national surveys, from well-funded surveys and those with limited means, and on a wide variety of topics ranging from politics to health.

Joan Font

Joan Font is a senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA), National Research Council (CSIC), Córdoba.