Chinese "Cancer Villages"
Chinese "Cancer Villages"
Rural Development, Environmental Change and Public Health
Jennifer Holdaway
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Preface. Jennifer Holdaway and Wang Wuyi
1 Retrospective Thoughts on the 'Cancer Village' Phenomenon. Chen Ajiang
2 The Ins and Outs of a 'Cancer Village'. Chen Ajiang
3 A Subei 'Cancer Village'. Luo Yajuan
4 Environmental Change and Health Risks. Chen Ajiang
5 A Prosperous 'Cancer Village'. Cheng Pengli
6 Coexistence of Poverty and Cancer. Cheng Pengli and Li Caihong
7 Problematization and De-stigmatization. Li Caihong and Cheng Pengli
8 Behind 'High Incidence of Lung Cancer'. Li Qi and Chen Ajiang
9 Villagers' Perceptions of and Responses to the Relationship between Cancer and Pollution. Chen Ajiang and Cheng Pengli
10 Villagers Strategies for Mitigating Environmental Health Risks? Chen Ajiang and Cheng Pengli

Recensies en Artikelen

"This book is an important contribution to China studies and scholarly research on environmental health. Comprising 10 chapters, several of which were first published in 2013 in Chinese, the publication of this English-language edition provides a detailed and informative collection of reports on collective medical claims about China's rural population living in deteriorating environmental conditions."
- Suvi Rautio, The China Journal, Volume 86, July 2021

"Impeccably researched and carefully crafted, this work offers a timely and sobering inquiry into collective claims of victimization associated with polluted water and air in rural China."
- Jing Jun, Tsinghua University

"Chinese "Cancer Villages" is a meticulously researched and emotionally charged book that makes important advances in the fields of China studies, environmental health, rural sociology and anthropology."
- Bryan Tilt, Oregon State University

Chinese "Cancer Villages"

Rural Development, Environmental Change and Public Health

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The phenomenon of "cancer villages" has emerged in many parts of rural China, drawing media attention and becoming a fact of social life. However, the relationship between pollution and disease is often hard to discern. Through sociological analysis of several villages with different social and economic structures, the authors offer a comprehensive, historically grounded analysis of the coexistence between the incidence of cancer, environmental pollution and villagers’ lifestyles, as well as the perceptions, claims and responses of different actors. They situate the appearance of "cancer villages" in the context of social, economic and cultural change in China, tracing the evolution of the issue over two decades, and providing deep insights into the complex interactions and trade-offs between economic growth, environmental change and public health.

Ajiang Chen

Chen Ajiang holds a PhD in Sociology from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (1997). He is currently the Director of the Research Centre for Environment and Society at Hohai University and Chair of the Association of Environmental Sociology, Chinese Sociological Association. His research is primarily in the fields of environmental sociology and rural sociology

Pengli Cheng

Cheng Pengli holds a PhD in Sociology from Hohai University (2011). From 2008-2009 he was a visiting researcher in the Sociology Department of Washington State University. He is currently an Associate Professor of Sociology at Chongqing University of Science and Technology. His major areas of research are environmental sociology, and environment and health risks

Yajuan Luo

Luo Yajuan holds a PhD in Sociology from Hohai University (2013). She is currently a Lecturer at Huzhou University. Her main area of research is environmental sociology.