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Film Museum Practice and Film Historiography
Film Museum Practice and Film Historiography
The Case of the Nederlands Filmmuseum (1946-2000)
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"*Film Museum Practice and Film Historiography* is a meticulously researched work and a welcome addition to the already growing body of work related to film archiving practices. Lameris’ book is not only about engaging with the history of the Nederlands Filmmuseum but also about situating this case study within the larger context of film history and film archiving practices throughout the world. Indeed, students and scholars of cinema studies along with archival and museum studies will find Lameris’ approach particularly useful." - Rahul Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, *Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television*, 2018, Vol. 38, No. 2

Bregt Lameris

Film Museum Practice and Film Historiography

The Case of the Nederlands Filmmuseum (1946-2000)

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Rich in detail, this is a study of the interrelationships between film historical discourse and archival practices. Exploring the history of several important collections from the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam, Bregt Lameris shows how archival films and collections always carry the historical traces of selection policies, restoration philosophies, and exhibition strategies. The result is a compelling argument that film archives can never be viewed simply as innocent or neutral sources of film history.
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Bregt Lameris

Bregt Lameris is a post-doc at the University of Zürich, Switzerland.