Emerging Socialities in 21st Century Healthcare
Emerging Socialities in 21st Century Healthcare
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I. REFLECTING THEORY - Revisiting concepts 1. Biosociality extended: The case of parental groups campaigning against paediatric vaccinations in Italy Roberta Raffaetà 2. Emerging animistic socialities? An example of transnational appropriation of curanderismo Franz Graf II. TRANSFORMATIONS IN HEALTH CARE POLICY - Politics and ethics 3. Selling global HPV: Pharmaceutical marketing and health care policy making in the case of human papillomavirus vaccination in Austria and Japan Bernhard Hadolt and Monika Gritsch 4. The birth of disabled people as 'ambiguous citizens': Bio-politics, the ethical regime of the impaired body, and the ironies of identity politics in Thailand Prachatip Kata 5. Market thinking and home nursing: Perspectives on new socialities in health care in Denmark Bodil Ludvigsen 6. The production and transformation of subjectivity: Health care and migration in the province of Bologna (Italy) Ivo Quaranta III. NEW SOCIALITIES & SUBJECTIVITIES IN CARE 7. Muslim migrants in Montreal and perinatal care: Challenging moralities and local norms Sylvie Fortin and Josiane Le Gall 8. 'I am here not to repair but see the person as a whole': Pastoral care work in German hospitals Julia Thiesbonenkam-Maag 9. Palliative care at home in the case of ALS Martine Verwey 10. Configurations for action: How French general practitioners handle their patients' consumption of psychotropic drugs Claudie Haxaire IV. NEW SUBJECTIVITIES, SOCIALITIES, AND THE MEDIA 11. New forms of sociality on the Internet: Users, advocates, and opponents of self-medication Sylvie Fainzang 12. 'The internet saved my life': Overcoming isolation among the homebound chronically ill Lina Masana

Bernhard Hadolt, Anita Hardon (red.)

Emerging Socialities in 21st Century Healthcare

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The landscape of healthcare is changing rapidly, both on an organisational and a technological level. This book gathers medical anthropologists to examine the ways that both patients and health care workers are being affected by new policies, market, and technologies. Contributors cover a wide range of topics, including vaccination, disability, migration, and self-medication, making clear that not only are changing circumstances leading to the emergence of new socialities, but they are also driving new ethics and moralities.

Bernhard Hadolt

Dr. Bernhard Hadolt is senior lecturer and former Director of Studies at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna and a member of the steering committee of the Medical Anthropology at Home network. His work focused on the fields of assisted reproductive technology, genetic testing and more recently vaccination in Austria, Japan, and the Philippines.

Anita Hardon

Prof Dr. Anita Hardon former Scientific Director of the AISSR, is known throughout the UvA and the international academic community for her invaluable contribution to the field of global healthcare and reproductive health. She is co-author of the vital book, The Social Lives of Medicine.