Utopia 1516-2016
Utopia 1516-2016
More's Eccentric Essay and its Activist Aftermath
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Introduction A praise of pain Thomas More™fs anti-utopianism GIULIA SISSA Bodies, morals, and religion Utopia and the Erasmian idea of human progress HAN VAN RULER Realism vs utopianism The problem of the Prince in the early-modern Netherlands ERIK DE BOM From Thomas More to Thomas Smith Utopian and anti-utopian understandings of economic change in sixteenth-century England GUIDO GIGLIONI Reflections on the utopian mind ARNOLD BURMS Utopianism in today™fs health care HERMAN DE DIJN Utopianism and its discontents A conceptual history JULIEN KLOEG The integrity of exacerbated ambiguity More™fs Utopia as an evaluative thought experiment TIM DE MEY

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"The strengths of this collection lie in the fact that it brings together scholars working in various disciplines“philosophy, political science, classics, and intellectual history“and its authors’ attention to particular aspects of Utopia’s context and influence, many of which have been little considered previously." - Chloë Houston, University of Reading, Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. LXXI, No. 1

Han van Ruler, Giulia Sissa (red.)

Utopia 1516-2016

More's Eccentric Essay and its Activist Aftermath

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This year marks the five-hundredth anniversary of Thomas More's widely influential book Utopia, and this volume brings together a number of scholars to consider the book, its long afterlife, and specifically its effects on political activists over the centuries. In addition to thorough studies of Utopia itself, and appraisals of More's relationship with Erasmus, the book presents detailed studies of the effect of Utopia on early modern England and the Low Countries, as well as philosophical reflections on ideology and the utopian mind, and much more.

Giulia Sissa

Giulia Sissa holds a joint appointment in Political Science and Classics at the University of California Los Angeles. She is the author of numerous books and articles on the history, anthropology and philosophy of the ancient world, including: Greek Virginity (Boston, Harvard UP, 1990); Sex and Sensuality in the Ancient World (Yale UP, 2008) and La Jalousie. Une passion inavouable (Paris, Odile Jacob, 2015). Sissa is currently working on the quest for the best government, from Athens to Utopia.