Social Dynamics in the Northwest Frontiers of the Late Roman Empire
Social Dynamics in the Northwest Frontiers of the Late Roman Empire
Beyond Transformation or Decline
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Preface Introduction. New perspectives on the Late Roman Northwest Nico Roymans / Stijn Heeren LATE ROMAN STATE AND MILITARY ORGANISATION The Late Roman imperial centre and its northwest frontier Peter Heather The Roman army and military defence in Northern Gaul and the Germanic provinces during the Late Empire Raymond Brulet POWER RELATIONS AND MATERIAL CULTURE Gold, Germanic foederati and the end of imperial power in the Late Roman North Nico Roymans Hacksilber in the Late Roman and Early Medieval world. Economics, frontier politics and imperial legacies Fraser Hunter / Kenneth Painter A symbol for Late Roman authority revisited. A socio-historical understanding of the crossbow brooch Vince Van Thienen REGIONAL CASE STUDIES The Late Roman town of Tongeren in Germania Secunda Alain Vanderhoeven From Germania Inferior to Germania Secunda and beyond. A case study of migration, transformation and decline Stijn Heeren Roman state involvement in Britain in the later 4th century. An ebbing tide? Simon Esmonde Cleary Decline, collapse, or transformation? The case for the northern frontier of Britannia Rob Collins List of contributors

Social Dynamics in the Northwest Frontiers of the Late Roman Empire

Beyond Transformation or Decline

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This volume explores the final phase of the West Roman Empire, particularly the changing interactions between the imperial authority and external 'barbarian' groups in the northwest frontiers of the empire during the fourth and fifth centuries. The contributions present valuable overviews of recent archaeological research combined with innovative theoretical discussions. Key topics include the movement of precious metals, trajectories of imperial power, the archaeology of migration, and material culture in relation to debates about ethnicity.

Nico Roymans

Nico Roymans is professor of West European archaeology at the VU University in Amsterdam.

Stijn Heeren

Stijn Heeren is assistant professor of Roman and early medieval archaeology at the VU University of Amsterdam.

Wim de Clercq

Wim De Clercq is professor of Roman and medieval archaeology at Ghent University.