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Waddenland Outstanding
Waddenland Outstanding
History, Landscape and Cultural Heritage of the Wadden Sea Region
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"Dit fraai uitgegeven boek veel interessants over heden en verleden van het Waddengebied. [...] Al met al een mooi, informatief en toegankelijk boek."
- Piet van Cruyningen, Tijdschrift voor Waterstaatsgeschiedenis, 2 (2020)

"The different sections and chapters [in this book] offer a wide variety of topics that sometimes ask for further exploration or more research. This makes the book a worthwhile purchase for both scientists, policy makers and other people with a keen interest in this dynamic and special region."
- David Koren, Journal of European Landscapes, 1 (2020)

Linde Egberts, Meindert Schroor (red.)

Waddenland Outstanding

History, Landscape and Cultural Heritage of the Wadden Sea Region

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The Wadden Sea Region is comprised of the embanked coastal marshes and islands in the Wadden Sea near Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. This area retains an exceptional common history in all its aspects: archaeologically, economically, socially, and culturally. Its settlement history of more than two thousand years is unrivalled and still mirrored in the landscape. Even though it has never constituted a political unity, it still shares a landscape and cultural heritage. For example, the approaches to water management and associated societal organization developed in the region during the last millennium have set significant world standards. This book offers an overview of current research on history, landscape and cultural heritage of the Wadden Sea region.
€ 109,00
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Linde Egberts

Linde Egberts is cultural historian and geographer, specialized in the role of heritage in regional identities in contemporary Europe. She works as a lecturer and postdoctoral researcher Heritage Studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and as a coordinator of the Research Group Heritage & Environment of the Centre for Global Heritage and Development.

Meindert Schroor

Meindert Schroor is a freelance geographer and historian active at his own Bureau Varenius in Leeuwarden. Active since 1976 in researching on landscape, urban history, demography, water management, and cartography, he developed into the most prolific researcher and writer on cultural history in the Northern Netherlands. He is a member of the board of the Dutch Waddenacademie (Wadden Academy) on the portfolio Society and Cultural History.